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  1. Ross, I should have written an update. In the end what fixed this issue for me was to go through "factory reset" option of the menu, and the problem hasn't come back. I know it is a pain if you have set up various apps etc and have to set them up again, but it is worth it. I'd give it a try.
  2. I have 49SJ810 TV. There is a "My Channels" option to add your favourite live TV channels which is very useful as it is much quicker than going through the guide menu if you only watch a few channels regularly. I have successfully set up my favourite channels under the "My Channels" card multiple times, but "randomly" something happens that makes them all disappear from the "My channels" card. Furthermore, when this happens I don't even have the "add" option to add these back unless I switch the TV off and then on. Have any other members experienced this? I suspect it is a software bug but my searcher this hasn't been fruitful. I contacted LG customer support who took me through the setup menu options to turn off the "programme List Update" feature, but that hasn't fixed it. Help!!!

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