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    HBO GO

    You can use HBO GO thru Amazon Prime if you use your fire stick instead of the Amazon button on the LG remote. I had used HBO Go and Showtime previously thru the fire stick on my non smart tv at our cottage....Bought this new LG 55 inch smart web OS tv this week and realized Amazon would not give the option to sign in to my HBO Go and Showtime accts any more....Starz also. They want me to buy an additional subscription (which is robbery imo)if I use the LG Amazon button on remote.... I do really like the voice search option with the firestick remote so I plugged it in to this new tv and was able to use my HBO Go, Starz and Showtime accts signed in thru Comcast. So still need a couple of remotes but I'm watching all my channels that I pay for at our other house. I don't see how it's legal for them to have you pay twice for premium channels when HBO advertises you can watch anywhere with their app if you have a subscription,