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  1. Raghav Khunger

    How Do I Customise the Screensaver?

    Dear LG Team, How many more people and replies you need to look over this issue? Can you look into this concern by taking out a glimpse of your precious time from your Sales and Marketing zone? After selling the product, it is your responsibility to take care of your end customers who have purchased your product. Thanks.
  2. Raghav Khunger

    How Do I Customise the Screensaver?

    Dear LG team, Are we asking to solve some kind of rocket science here? Is this kind of high end AI requirement? Are you guys even monitoring this thread? If yes, then kindly post your reply here even if that feature is somewhere in future. If you are not monitoring this then please close these forums and kindly put a banner on your website that "Customers are on their own for their queries since we are very busy in doing sales" Thanks, Raghav A loyal end user.
  3. Raghav Khunger

    How Do I Customise the Screensaver?

    Hi, I am having the same query i.e how to change the default wallpapers and screensaver provided with this TV. I wonder what LG support team is doing with this thread? So many people asking the same questions and no reply from LG team, that's weird.