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  1. 李紫玲

    Lg tv plus

    Mobile content are things stored in your phone, no internet connection is needed. However, you need to connect to the same router that your TV is connecting to.
  2. 李紫玲

    WebOS usb drive limit 4tb 8tb

    per PeterV suggests, I move some recording to a sub-folder, LG TV happily ignors anything in sub-folder, and behaves well with less recorded clips. But I have to correct myself that the maximum number it can handle is only around 170 only (instead of what I posted previously of ~400) beyond that, the time shift function sometimes work, and jump back to real time from time to time (i.e. all shifts are gone) The recorder sometimes save part of the show and terminates with an error., but occasionally it success. TV never says anything like disk full or definitely an error with something specific (like too many clips etc) , just acted weird. (my 1TB disk has only around 400MB data and only files saved by TV) So my conclusion is too big a hard disk is pointless with buggy firmware. As a side note: if you move back recorded clips back to lg_tv folder, it will be display again correctly. So there is not an index file you have to worry about. So in case you really want to keep something offline, just copy them to somewhere else. But recorded clips only uses number as names, you cannot easily identify which is which. The only thing you can rely on is the time stamp of the folder. No names nor channel info.
  3. 李紫玲

    WebOS usb drive limit 4tb 8tb

    I totally abandon the idea to mess around with the files after I tried (kind of hard) to find a way to play back those recorded files with my computers, but failed. There are tutorial on the web (with conversion & decode), but I think it will only do for old firmware. It doesn't work for me. (just a side note, clips recorded by my PVR on the same channel play without any modification, even the subtitle as well as bi-lingual still selectable) I will give a try on your suggestion some later time. My wild guess is files moved into subdirectory won't be recognised, and the limitation is not the file system, but the limited memory.
  4. 李紫玲

    WebOS usb drive limit 4tb 8tb

    I don't think you can create folder, or any thing similar, to separate the recorded clips. So the only thing you can do is to delete some. That's what I have done. ** I really hope that there is a detail list mode for the record clip listing. The current layout with a picture is (1) painstakingly slow, esp when scrolling (2) show too few per page, (3) hard to find. The picture for each clip is nice looking, but as it only take a snapshot at the early starting point (I guess it is at 1 sec or so), the result is a random picture of a commercial (at least in my country) so it is helpless to spot anything I'm looking for.
  5. I highly enjoy the time shift function still works when I open YouTube app and return to live TV, so I can skip back in time and jump over commercials. However, of no apparent reasons, (no firmware upgrade) time shift got cleared to zero (like just turn on) after I start youtube and close it to return to Live TV. Time shift also got cleared after switching to HDMI and return. Does your tv behave the same?
  6. 李紫玲

    WebOS usb drive limit 4tb 8tb

    I think your concern is irrelevant. I have a 1TB drive, I am happy with it until I have accumulated to a certain number of recorded clip, around 400 (I did not count with great care) TV beginning to act weird. First symptom is the time shift function not act correctly. It doesn't give any error, just acted weird. It returns to normal only if I delete some of the recording. Then I repeat the experiment and recorded few more clips and it starts acting weird again. So I am positive that the firmware can only handle ~400 tops. New recording also fails, but it doesn't says out of space, just says error, cannot save (something like that)