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  1. Possibly, but in that case it would go wrong for everyone recording from Freeview. (and It happens with shows from different broadcasters) Yes, the TV does have that facility. I'll try that, although it would not be very practical to use- like programming a VCR in the 80s. This guesswork wouldn't be necessary if LG support could tell us what the error message means in practice.
  2. I tried with a small 500Gb HD instead of the USB stick. Again it recorded a day or so's worth of shows, but stopped after a day with "Cable/broadcast service changed programming" and nothing else records.
  3. Thanks for the reply, That is possible. it doesn’t fit the error message about the broadcaster changing the program. But it could fit the.“unable to load “ message, i’ll give that a try.. thanks.
  4. I am trying to record terrestrial digital programs from my 2016 LG webosTV to a USB stick- if I set up a few programs to record, a few work, but after a day or two it will fail. and from that point all will fail. The TV does still try to record, as I can see it pop up a notification if I am watching, but nothing is recorded. (No error message is shown then.) If I look at the "scheduled recordings" page, it shows an error, and "Unable to load" for the start and end time of the failed show. If I go to "recording history" for that show, I see a message saying "incomplete, Cable/broadcas
  5. I would be surprised if the LG allows you record from an input (although I admit, I don't know for sure) as I would expect the feature is tied in to the DVB (digital terrestrial) decoder, and intended for timeshiftimg programs.

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