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  1. I was aware of the information you provided. I am no longer a DirecTV subscriber. I cancelled my service mainly due to this issue, but the monthly savings was a big factor as well. Since the bulk of the programming we watch are from the major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX),I invested in a couple of HD HomeRun Connect Quad tuners and a lifetime Plex Pass and 2 nVidia Shield TV boxes. We also have a Netflix subscription, and frankly, there is so much content, on demand, recorded on Plex DVR and Plex Live that we really don't miss DirecTV at all.
  2. My setup was working from February until last month when the Genie got a software update. There have been 2 DirecTV Technicians out to my house. Neither of them knew anything about the RVU. Both had to call their ISS (Internal Support Specialist) for assistance. The first one added a DECA to the back of the TV which replaced my straight Ethernet cable. Apparently DirecTV only supports their systems when DECAs are used for communications. Once we did this, the message went away and I got a picture back. This did not last however, as the issue came back shortly after. The second technician didn't have anything to add. We ended up removing the RVU from my Genie and then adding it back. This too was only a temporary fix as the issue came back after power cycling the TV. I was offered a Genie Mini to replace the RVU built into the TV, but I didn't want another 12 month commitment. A few days after, I got a follow up call from DirecTV support to see if the issue was resolved. I told them that it was not. They gave me two options... 1) Wait for the next software update for the Genie and hope that the engineers figured out the issue 2) Replace the RVU with a Genie Mini I told them that I have another option, that being I can cancel the service due to it not working.
  3. I have a LG OLED65C6P TV which is a listed as a DirecTV 4k Ready TV. It currently has SW File Version 05.30.02 and the DirecTV Ready app version 2.2.14. My home network is wired for full Gigabit and I will used a wired connection over wireless whenever possible. I have DirecTV with a Genie Gen 2 (HR44-700). The DirecTV app on the LG OLED65C6P was activated last February and everything was working without any problems until recently. Everything is hooked up using DirecTV's "official" setup for RVU client viewing using DECAs where required. About 3 weeks ago, the TV started displaying the message "This location is not authorized" after attempting to connect to the Genie receiver. The only thing that changed is that DirecTV updated my Genie with Software 0x80d. It seems that I am not the only person experiencing this problem. I was hoping that someone over here at LG's support community may be able provide some help. There are posts by people on the AT&T Community Forums on this issue. Here is a link to that thread... https://forums.att.com/t5/Watching-DIRECTV/quot-Location-not-Authorized-quot-error-message-on-LG-OLED-with/td-p/5248047 There are some posts by people on the DBSTalk Forums on this issue as well. Here is a link to that thread... https://www.dbstalk.com/community/index.php?threads/0x80d-rvu-issues.225230/ Does LG need to update the DirecTV (RVU) app on my TV? Do they need to update the LG webOS software or does the TV Firmware need an update? If so, how long will this take? How do I get LG to do this?

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