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Customizable homescreen

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An individually designed homescreen offering everything, including settings for older people"

"Until now, you can add everything, but delete very little"

We want a blank homescreen with a backgroundimage with only one app in the middle

One App!

The liveTV app

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Hi webos_24, I have the same issue and I came to the same conclusion. You cannot delete a lot of things in the home screen. The only way to  solve that problem is to get rid of webOS ... I used a connected xiaomi MI BOX S and I connect automatically to it at startup (and also use HDMI CEC so that I can use the MI BOX remote to control startup and shutdwon of both MI BOX and LG TV at the sametime). It is working really great. For elder people, I also use a FLauncher application in the android MI BOX that presents a nice clear and simple menu to launch the list of streaming applictaions. btw, i don't use any cable or live TV ... Hope this could help. NB: it is a pity that this webOS is not an open software ... 

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