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Just updated to firmware 06.00.25 but wha

David J


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recautions and usage before installation

Download information

file name 2017 OLED/LED Ultra HD TV Latest Software (M16P ADV_UJ9X~UJ78_OLED X7K)_Ver.06.00.25
product TV/Projector > Ultra HD
registration date 2021.08.31
Application Model
  • 49UJ7800-NB
  • 49UJ7860-NB
  • 49UJ8800-NA
  • 55UJ7800-NB
  • 55UJ7860-NB
  • 55UJ8800-NA
  • 55UJ9400-NA
  • 55UJ9800-NA
  • 55UJ9810-NB
  • 60UJ7800-NB
  • 60UJ7860-NB
  • 60UJ8800-NA
  • 60UJ9400-NA
  • 65UJ7800-NB
  • 65UJ7860-NB
  • 65UJ7F00-NA
  • 65UJ8800-NA
  • 65UJ9400-NA
  • 65UJ9800-NA
  • 65UJ9810-NB
  • 75UJ9860-NA
  • 86UJ9870-NA
  • OLED55B7F-N
  • OLED55B7K-N
  • OLED55B7L-N
  • OLED55C7K-N
  • OLED55C7L-N
  • OLED55E7K-N
  • OLED65B7F-N
  • OLED65B7K-N
  • OLED65B7L-N
  • OLED65C7K-N
  • OLED65C7L-N
  • OLED65E7K-N
  • OLED65G7K-N
  • OLED65W7K-N
Operating System (OS) Web OS


link hidden, please login to view

Check the precautions and usage method before installation


We share the final S/W of Ultra HD TV released in 2017.


1. Applied model
     - XXUJ9XXX

     - XXUJ8XXX

     - XXUJ78XX

     - XXUJ7F00







    - OLEDXXB7F (specialized model)


2. Final Ver


3. Changes
   ⓐ Soundbar connection after soundbar volume MAX to ascend  

   ⓒ Magic remote control pairing disconnected / Glitter noise

   ⓔ Improved screen flickering when switching channels immediately after DTV magnifier zoom ends

   ⓕ Fix OLED DTV Lipsync

   ⓖ A horizontal bar in the form of a wrinkle at the bottom of the ATV screen occurs

   ⓗ Improved store backlight off

   ⓘ Improvement of key feeling after pressing the Menu key after AC On

   ⓙ    ⓚ (Updated) Response to UHD ATSC3.0 reception problem

   ⓜ T8 store stream equipment issue improvement response (03.60.15)

  ⓞ Dolby TrueHD support_OLED TV only (04.70.06)
  ⓟ Video flicker improvement (when Deep Color ON (04.70.06)
  ⓠ ATSC 3.0 recording applied (04.70.06)

Improved screen tearing in       T8 (04.70.30)           - Improved handling issues (04.70.30)

  ⓣ OLED model Dolby Audio HDMI input switching audio issue improved (04.70.36)

  Ⓤ  not Intermittent power on Improvement (04.70.70)

  ⓥ Corrected the problem that the volume dropped to 0 due to the operation of a specific app (04.70.76)

  ⓦ Improved 'WiFi_BT module full speed' after recognition of LiveTV video interruption (04.70.90)

  ⓧ MR reflection (05.80.04)

  ⓨ Intermittent voiceless improvement while watching LiveTV (05.80.15) 

      Security Update (05.80.35).

  ② Improvement and expansion of LG channel service (06.00.05)
      Improvement of minor issues related to software

  ① Improvement of minor issues related to software (06.00.15)

      - Improved screen saver operation while playing TVING app content

   ② Improvement of minor issues related to software (06.00.20)

  ③ Improvement of minor issues related to software (06.00.25)

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Hello, there is no longer the microphone icon in the YouTube search engine, it seems to me that the functions within each application correspond to the developer of each application individually, as an example: YouTube on the one hand, Netflix separately .. each developer updates or not their application for each platform (webOs, tyzen, Android, etc ..); Some are loaded as an update of the complete application, that gives to put it in some way a channel or working context to the installed version, like a framework, within which one reads what comes from the internet, that content can present some modifications to the same interface that one receives, such as changing the content of youtube channels, new videos ... I do not know what would have been the case, since I take general ideas to suppose, if the YouTube developer for this platform removed that function through an update of the application or only the content that the application reads when connecting to its platform. I did not realize when it was gone. but you would have to make the request to YouTube and its developer. As another example, hbo can be accessed from any browser and it is like viewing an internet page, some time later they had the application for lg enabled in some countries and it took months, or 1 year to appear in Latin America, I am from Argentina, At that time he accessed through the browser, made the criticism and request to lg and hbo to enable it, when they enabled the application it had the same appearance, delays and functions, and when he modified some sections, he had not yet updated the application. on the basis of that my assumption for this case. If you get more accurate data, do not hesitate to comment or share it so that the rest of us can continue learning too, thank you ..

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I have an OLED55B7A with 6.00.05, and the user interface and apps are completely useless, so I use a Roku box.  That said, the TV randomly reboots from time to time.  So, my questions:


1. Did anyone install 6.00.25 and get *increased* performance out of the webOS UI?

2. Does anyone have a rebooting issue that 6.00.25 fixes?



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Hi, I have also issues with Youtube/Netflix and the magic remote since the update to version 06.00.25 on my LG 49SJ8109.

Youtube and Netflix have buffering issues and the Video is lagging.

Youtube microphone search disappeared and sometimes the magic remote does not work and only a restart of the TV is solving that.

I guess a downgrade to the firmware 06.00.20 would solve the problem but I cannot find any download link for the firmware version.

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      Also when watching from external hard drive, the video's get stuck and giving issues where there never were any problems.
      Can't connect TV to wifi anymore.
      Message toggles between LAN cable disconnected followed by  LAN ethernet connected the whole time.
      Smart remote has connection issues.
      This is extremely annoying. How can I get these issues fixed? Tried all the fixes that I could find for previous software update problems, but nothing works.
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      I have 42B670V-ZA tv bought in 2014. This model has different numbers/letters depending from the distribution area. Mine is for Poland.
      Software version is 05.05.70,
      WebOS version is 1.4.0-2532 afro-ashley. This model was made with the intention of upgrading to WebOS 2 and so it was manufactured. In late 2014, once the tv was still on market, European and US (with a different name), LG Korea has announced that this model would not have upgrade. Nevertheless I think it STILL IS a way to make it higher or at least faster, as it was on a very beginning. Now it coughs after using 45 mins on Netflix or 30 mins on WWW app when watching film online. When instslling new app, it shows such data:
      Version of the app i.e. 1.1.1
      Date of last update of the app i.e. 20.04.2015
      Size of the app i.e. 105 KB
      Rating i.e. "everything" (???)
      Internal memory i.e. 850MB/973MB
      Does anybody know, how to do this either using
      service mode or 
      Installing some software from a memory card
      or in any other way? The problem is that the tv has not enough memory to operate apps. I cannot release the memory without loosing my settings. I live in Warsaw, Poland, but I have additional apps like HULU and Amazon Prime US which enables me watching US content (I pay for them in USD).
      Uninstalling other useless apps didnt work. Now I have only system apps and 3 more like Netflix, HULU and Amazon. I cannot even install anything more. LG support told me to return to factory settings which wipes all memory out. I dont want to return to WebOS 1.0. I just want my tv to work faster BACK AGAIN and maybe to use some other apps which cannot be installed due to insufficient space on card/disc and to install some apps that are compatible with WebOS 2. (Now they are not apperaing neither in Polish LG store nor in US store, once I change the region to US/CANADA/MEXICO.
      Thanks in advance!!!

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