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Disney Hotstar App not working on LG WebOs



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On 3/25/2021 at 2:15 PM, Hridaynath said:

Disney Hotstar App is not working with LG Smart TV , the WebOS software version currently installed is  05.30.10

The WebOS tv version is 4.3.0-9703

Why this happened, after we spent a lot of money in our tv lg uf 8300, arround 700$, and this tv can't download the app,we need a patch or something to get the disney plus app. Please make some development for this models and another that can't download this app


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@jgarcia So, you are quoting from another user - does this mean that you have the same TV model, and that does not have Disney Hotstar in the LG Store?

Are you also mistakenly thinking that this forum belongs to LG?

Many owners posting on here seem to think they are posting to an LG owned facility or site forum.  Please be aware that this Forum is ONLY an LG TV Owners and enthusiasts peer-to-peer help forum to exchange ideas and experiences, and advice and possible workarounds by other like-minded enthusiasts. This forum has NO business link or influence over LG, or their product capabilities (or lack of), and does NOT provide any lobbying capability to get things fixed.

Your best action for you (and ALL other posters on this thread) is to all contact LG Support DIRECTLY in your country of use, and register your complaint there, so that they can more accurately gauge the affect of the lack of functionality, or APP availability on your specific model.

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