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vTuner no more working on my BP735





I was using somewhat often the vTuner application on my LG Blu-Ray BP735 and since few days I'm unable to start this application.


When I start the vTuner from the Premium page (or from my favorites), I just got an horizontal white line in the screen. I waited over 10 minutes and nothing more. Turn On, Turn Off,... nothing more.


My LG OS is a the latest version


All others applications that I use are still working fine.


The vTuner is a "builtin" application in the Premium menu. How can I fix the problem (I don't find a way to reinstall it) ?





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Just purchased the LG 550 mainly for of its vTuner feature, which I just unfortunately confirmed here on these forums is apparently no more.  And it appears that internet radio apps on blu-ray players in general are becoming as rare as hen's teeth.  Fortunately, I still have my three Panny 360 players that have both the 'Tune-In Radio' and 'Shoutcast' internet radio apps, as well as my Roku streaming sticks, altho 'Tune-In Radio' is very buggy on the Roku's.  FYI, for those who still want internet radio (on BD players), the current midrange and top-of-the-line Panasonic 270 and 460 models still have the aforementioned apps.  In any case, I guess I have 29 days to decide if I want to return my 550, and will keep both my fingers crossed that vTuner will be reinstated in the meantime ...

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Well I got 2 internet radios.  A a Tuner which optically hooks up to my Sony AV Receiver and a smaller unit which uses RCA analog hookup to my Sony receiver in the bedroom and they are vTuner like even better and have search like vTuner and Pandora, iheartradio, NPR on-demand, BBC, ESPN, Live 365, Sirius, over 30,000 Podcast.  Heck with LG.


The tuner is both wired/wireless but the other Grace is wireless only but has a USB optional adapter for wired due here Tuesday.  Good luck with you all.

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I have a BP735 and had the black (or ls it white?) line problem for many months.  I checked again yesterday and now I get a webpage saying "404 - File or directory not found.  The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."  Not sure if this is a good or bad omen.  My LG software is up-to-date.


I have an Onkyo with internet radio now so it's not the end of the world for me, but vTuner was one of the principal reasons I went with LG.  I hate consumer electronics (I do love the Onkyo tho)!

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