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webOS 2.0 Information

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I am not sure is this consider good news or bad news. My model is listed under 14'WebOS TV, but at the same time 15'WebOS TV includes my model. For example UB85xx in 15' and UB850T in 14'. Theoretically, xx includes 0T isn't it.... Finger cross. This app updates is preparing for WebOS 2.x.

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I know, but what I think it's better is making some reddit topic to raise awareness for new buyers and then in the same topic share this topic for those interested in following this information, probably only LG customers who feel betraited like me. Not only you'll raise a much better awarness about this as also it's a good way to promote your forum.


Since reddit it's public and followed by most brands, it's probably that LG will make some move. Now sharing this forum only on facebook and twitter the probabilities will be lower.



The best thing you can do to raise awareness is share the URL of this topic on other sites. Others will hop on the topic and it will help bring even more attention to it. LG watches facebook as well.

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While LG plans to roll out at least five new models of its OLED TVs in 2015, the world's largest TV maker, Samsung, said the company has no plans to make OLED TVs in the immediate future because company insists the technology is not yet ready for mass consumption.

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I just contacted LG Denmark Support today (April 14th, 2015) and they confirmed that none of the 2014 models, not even 49UB850V and 55UB850V, will get WebOS 2.0.


Luckily, I found this thread before I actually bought an LG television.  I've now chosen to go with a Samsung UE55HU7505 instead.  More pricey, but has 4 HDMI 2.0 ports and gets really good reviews with regard to upscaling non-UHD content to UHD content.  Something we'll all be needing a lot for the foreseeable future.





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Erhm, just thought I'd correct my previous post a bit.  I will be buying an LG 55UB850V even though it only runs WebOS v1.x.  


The reason?  Well, it turns out that Panasonic and LG are the only ones that support Full RGB (4:4:4 chroma) at 4K/60Hz.  To make a long and very technical topic short: The Panasonic and LG TVs are the only one that can display colors properly at 4K/60Hz when coming from a new NVIDIA graphics card such as the GTX 970 and GTX 980.  And I want to use my new television for casual gaming with the GTX 980 once I find money to buy such a beast.


Just so you guys don't rush off and buy a Samsung or Sony 2014 model and then later become very disappointed because of the above.

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Sounds very promising, BUT... yesterday I also get FINALLY an answer from someone on the developer's community forum (official LG Dev site) :


"Unfortunately final decision about webOS1.0 to webOS2.0 update is not defined yet. 
Which functionality from webOS2.0 is necessary for you?"
So wait & see...
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2K 2015 models and 2K 2014 models have the same hardware (Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 CPU and 1,5 GB RAM).

There are differences in the 4K models that have in 2014 edition a Dual Core and in 2015 edition a Quad Core CPU.


WebOS 2.0 must work on 2014 models.

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as it turned, it is only a matter of memory, so an error in the project , the fact that webos 2.0 can not be mounted completely on the TV series lb , as though out of the memory occur on webos 1.0 maybe it's time that we all We protest with the manufacturer , requesting the replacement of the motherboard because it does not meet in full as shown in the sales specifications .
The out of memory to fully explain the 
hardware failure  to manage what they posted .
If they were cars that do not work the brakes would have to recall the products they marketed and to remedy all these drawbacks that the production in 2014 of webos brings us users who have purchased these products .
the memory of the second level has been increased from 256 to 512 Mb in new products named LF . the rest is all uguale. change  only the motherboard .

it is a shame they have placed on the market for products that are not able to handle as specified on their advertising , they used us as guinea pigs to test their products , then you do not even deign to remedy , just change the motherboard , but they are careful not to do so would leave all ' air all their profits , will boycott all their products and shut them down , I have a tv that to change channels takes 30 seconds let alone if you have to change platforms , from terrestrial to satellite , it takes a lifetime .
do not say that os 2.0 is a ' else , because the problems that there are in os 1.0 are due to lack of memory (which traparentesi not allow us to upgrade our TV os 2.0 ) then a basic design fault , the their stinginess falls on us , but it would have cost them or we already have a memory of the second level of 512Mb departing , seen from experience on their PC that memory ram is never enough ?

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