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I have noted that TV WebOS is very slow and when you start TV it taking long time to go to any menu.   Is there any way to make it fast ?  Is there any way that it will update program guide quickly

Agreed, i alredy posted my disapoitment, I was fulled by the tv presentation about LGwebOS, it is actualy worse than any OS i have ever seen on TV as far the performance - the idea it selff is OK. swi

Being LG Apps developer, I must disappoint you, but there will be no improvement in the nearest future. They have lack of staff and are very slow to even test the submitted apps, not to mention the de

:D  :D I am just wondering why LG went with WebOS, when with android TV you are sure that there will be ongoing development and huge team of people working on it. I just hoppe that someone will make available to change OS on TV as you can change it on phone, and i would emidiatly switch to Android TV! :D  :lol: 

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:D  :D I am just wondering why LG went with WebOS, when with android TV you are sure that there will be ongoing development and huge team of people working on it. I just hoppe that someone will make available to change OS on TV as you can change it on phone, and i would emidiatly switch to Android TV! :D  :lol: 



That's doubtful that they will support it. LG is full force into webOS and Samsung is full force into Tizen. Two major manufacturers that do not want Google to have the market or dictate what has to be part of the OS in their TVs.

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I am just wondering why LG went with WebOS, when with android TV you are sure that there will be ongoing development and huge team of people working on it. I just hoppe that someone will make available to change OS on TV as you can change it on phone, and i would emidiatly switch to Android TV!



@Mr North.

I think that a better solution for you would have been to buy a cheap non smart tv and to attach in the back an Asus Vivopc with windows 8.1. In this way you wold have had the freedom of a PC combined with a big screen tv.


Until this year Android TV has been a nice fairytale. I read a review of the Android TV system and it was not stellar. 99% of the apps are not optimized for the TV, the Android system itself is a mess because it has a too broad scope and it runs on a 1001 devices with totally different specs. I own an Android miniPC and is bareley useable with an air mouse. Most of the android apps that run on a tablet are not running of the minipc because they do not detect a touch device or they are not drm signed by the owners of the service. So if you think that Android TV is God's gift for the world go and be an early adopter for that one too. After that I am looking forward for your honest review.

i have a new 47lb700 (i think) its the second one in 6 weeks the tv won't even let you use a android tv box on them screen just flashes

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I have read some of your comments and I give you reason, lost time creating the webos 2.0 while the 1.0 is still buggy, and even to their opinions as they answer, I consulted with messages having the Italian section, I am reporting the Italian problems, in the end the Italian section told me that I need to consult the korea, but we have exceeded all limits, I bought at the end of October 2014 42lb650v tv, with remote control 500 separately, they put a lot of things automatically by default without the possibility of intervention by the user 's, have made the connection to usb hdd I l' I added, but then the internet browser does not even allow you to download on it even their firmware updates, is incrediblie do such a thing.
I think they used us as guinea pigs customers, the basic functionality needed to verify them before putting them on the market, we are not talking of small problems but things bloated, it is as if I buy a PC, it takes me a text editor then I can not save or print this text, useless. I am very disappointed, especially for the 'attitude towards their customers, they think to 2.0 without first solving the 1.0 at least we would provide the 2.0 as an alternative.

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Have to concur with everyone here.


If there is a QA process at all for apps its inconsistent or they sleep through the test

  • Some of the applications are so basic that the Roku apps look like from another galaxy
  • Screen size and font scalability in the OS are nonexistent
  • The Facebook app looks like a 5-year old stitched it together (no offense to young talents though ;))
  • WebBrowser can't produce any download speeds above 7MBit which makes it pointless for streaming
  • Basic features like cookie management with password retention are missing (who wants to log back into an application every time they open the browser?).
  • NetFlix app opens on 4K content with solid magenta background showing the movie in the top right corner for around 10 seconds before it scales to full screen size
  • Color calibration is pointless. Looks impressive from the capabilities but thats about it. Any setting combination results either an overly vivid or dull experience.
  • Technical documentation is a joke. Does the TOSLINK path through all the Dolby / DTS standards LG claims to support?
  • Deep Color setting can only be triggered globally and not per HDMI port which is a PITA
  • Miracast latency is out of this word

and the list could go on forever ...


LG, what were you thinking and why in the world did it have to be another 'embedded OS'.
Take note how great Windows 8 embedded powers the XBOX One!

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WebOs very BAD. I have new UHD tv 40UF7787 and it very slow. Change channel - 2-3 seconds. Don`t remember my choise: audio language in cable tv. I need every time when change channel, change audio language (every channel have two audio languages in cable tv).


Very slow TV Guide. Very slow to launch movie on USB. Everything very slow!!! My tv not cheap - 40" - 699 EUR. I have older Samsung smart tv - it very fast to compare with LG. I am very angry on LG!!!

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I purchased the LG 43LF6300 Smart Tv and here are the experience that I had.


  • It is very, very laggy. Everything lags, from the simplest menus to the opening of apps, to the loading of content.
  • LG Content Store works 1 time out of ...50. Virtually nothing gets installed or updated
  • When I contacted the LG support via chat they were unaware of the issue with the LG Content Store and told me that it's my router's problem (which it isn't)


I have and "old" 2013 Samsung Smart Tv, it's lighting faster in everything.


LG and it's webOS is a disappointment. I was misguided by reviews on the Internet. Don't buy LG. Go for Samsung, it's support line was good, polite and punctual. Samsung TVs also have the Remote Access feature where the technician can operate and troubleshoot the tv remotely.


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Add me to the list of disillusioned LG owners.

I'm in the process of contacting support about the "This app will restart to free up more memory" problem, but apparently they have never heard of it  :wacko:


Although we've had the TV for over a year I've only recently started using the WebOS options, as a possible alternative to our VM TIVO. Oh dear, web searches suggest I don't hold my breath in expectation of it ever being fixed, let alone seeing any real improvements.

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One Year Ago I was bitching about my then new LG webos TV and I took it Back and got Samsung, best, decision, ever :D My samsung tv simply works and fast! And everything is up to date, the TV is alive FTW Sorry guys youre kinda fucked with these LG tvs. I hear Sony, Phillips etc. have good series with android now too so... choose wisely

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When 4K OLED's from Samsung will become available, I will return my LG back to shop, and replave it to Samsung for sure..  LG is horrable! about half a year I have to wait for any reaction from them.. Still zero result. Really strange attitude with a customers..

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Oh yes, how about waiting for an app to appear in the app store just to find out that the "WebOS 2.0 upgrade" that my TV got wasn't REALLY WebOS 2.0... It was WebOS 1.nothing.

It's the Windows Phone of TVs. Sure, it's easy to just snap in a Roku or Chomecast but the thing LG got right was the Magic Remote. Otherwise I would have ditched WebOS. Now I'm stuck with a big 70" TV that only has Plex. Lame.

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Topic moved to discussion forum.  Unfortunately there have been many complaints in this forum about the webos 1 and 2 for that matter. Lg doesn't seem to be updating older TVs to webOS 3.0 and 3.5, some of that they say is because of the hardware capability.  You can try and contact them directly with update question via their contact form, it seems to work for some.


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Can you help me?! I am from Azerbaijan.I have LG Tv 43LF631V.And in my Tv don't work Lg content store.I didn't enter any apps.I try to reset my tv from the settings menu.But don't change any.I know to enter service menu (EZ adjust) whit a smartphone.But I don't know codes( area, country, tools)in the service menu.If you know codes, send me, please

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LG sold their product "saying SMART TV with WebOS",  i am a dumb buyer to believe them!!!!!!!.

Next time i will smarter and  better buyer. I WILL BUY A ANDROID TV. REAL SMART ONES . There are many developers doing things for this OS.

BYE BYE!!!! 


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