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11 hours ago, Palmlu said:

We are waiting for a new firmware. A famous blogger said to me that LG has fixed this issue and and a new update is rolling out soon. 

Oh that would be very great if LG stepped up to the plate and made things right.  I hope its true?

Maybe LG should stop rolling out these firmware updates when they have achieved a somewhat stable TV, since every new update seems to break more than it fixes.

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Just for your amusement this is an example of the level of control I have on ALL LG TVs: the menus you see are custom made.

Guys, please refrain from attacking each other in a topic on this site. You are welcome to PM each other and/or take it offline. Thank you.

Who wish to try something interesting, do as following:   1. Install "Accuweather" from market 2. Change dns to 3. Start "Accuweather"  4.    Source:  link hidden, please login to

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Buone notizie per i possessori di oled serie 7! Finalmente Lg ha lanciato il nuovo firmware che fissa i colori sbiaditi per i contenuti di 4k hdr 50 hz. Firmware 05.80.25, appena installato e sembra funzionare correttamente.


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4 minutes ago, Palmlu said:

Buone notizie per i possessori di oled serie 7! Finalmente Lg ha lanciato il nuovo firmware che fissa i colori sbiaditi per i contenuti di 4k hdr 50 hz. Firmware 05.80.25, appena installato e sembra funzionare correttamente.


Wow really, thats nice to hear. Have you tried it and does it fix the problem? Also has it brought any new problems from the new firmware?

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6 hours ago, Palmlu said:

Buone notizie per i possessori di oled serie 7! Finalmente Lg ha lanciato il nuovo firmware che fissa i colori sbiaditi per i contenuti di 4k hdr 50 hz. Firmware 05.80.25, appena installato e sembra funzionare correttamente.


No :D In realtà hanno fatto un rollback ad una versione che funzionava :D 

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6 hours ago, Palmlu said:

Sarà, ma la 05.80.15 introduceva la compatibilità con l’hbbTV  che su questa versione è rimasta. Per me adesso è ok, 

Ah ok... saraà che sulla mia la 5.80.25 esisteva da tempo e la beta è 5.80.30 da tipo 3 mesi.

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On ‎4‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 10:30 PM, Kiril said:

So, can you share the secret? 😁😉

  - in english

 - if you know Russian language.


- in english

link hidden, please login to view
 - if you know Russian language.

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As I see this is an active topic, I'm going to ask here. Does anyone know if LG is going to solve the problem with video playback and subtitles? The problem of not being able to play any subtitle other than srt that must be placed next to the video file with the same name. I have read several issues about it and they are old, so I am surprised that LG has not resolved this so far, I recently bought one.

Is there any workaround to fix this?

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Hello, I have a tv lg 55uj6585. This week she updated to version 05.80.15.
After that the wifi is disconnected.
I would like to know if there is any way to return the previous version, or if someone could dispense the file from the previous version, 05.80.10.

I already searched the forum, but I did not find it.


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