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WebOS TV Firmware version

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On 5/21/2018 at 4:48 PM, Dejan Fehirov said:

New firmware update for LB630-LB870, EC930 (webOS 1.0)

Europe models only!

Create LG_DTV folder on formated flash usb memory and copy .epk file




No Brasil foi disponibilizada também este firmware, porém em outra versão de TV Digital. Ao invés da DVB é a versão ATSC.

Versão da minha Smart TV é a 42LB6500

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Did you try 4.70.70?

  •  (rename to starfish-dvb-secured-k3lp-573.drto.k3lp-57322-04.70.95-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED[0].epk)
  •  (rename to )

I see no difference between .45 and .55. So I think the slowdown is due to something else.
Probably is better if you reset to factory settings.

Version 4.80.72 is a downgrade to a verision similar to 04.70.70 of May 2018.

Version 4.80.95 and 4.70.95 are the same firmware.


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 Seems a good firmware (as it was 04.70.45).

Versions 5.80.XX and 5.90.XX are exactly the same firmware.

05.90.02 Seems also a good firmware.


Release History  

1. Improve no signal or video broken after inserting CI CAM and DC Power Off/On.  

For 2017 OLED TVs (W7, G7, E7, C7, B7) 
1. Support TrueHD audio format through HDMI  
2. Technicolor Expert mode 

For 2017 Super UHD 4K TVs  (SJ) 
1. Technicolor Expert mode 

For 2017 Ultra HD 4K TVs (UJ) 
1. Add an Apply to all input feature in Color Management Setting 
2. Improving HDD detection speed 
3. Add function for maintaining compatibility of remote controller 

1. Fix that CH reservation is deleted after smart retune. 

1. Fix that video is greenish in HbbTV HDR contents 

1. Apply the GDPR. (General Data Protection Regulation) 

1. Fix the TV reboot issue due to unstable Wi-Fi connection 

1. Fix that the scrambled channel is not shown due to CI+ key read failure

1. Improvement  
 1) To improve that the subtitle is not displayed  when HbbTV app in on. (except US Model) 
 2) Change HDR luminance curve. (webOS4.0 O18 Model) 

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7 hours ago, murattkn3 said:
On 7/5/2018 at 8:55 PM, Zibri said:
[mention=17383]murattkn3[/mention] all software is the same for ALL... it's the platform which is important.. yours and mine is k3lp every epk with "k3lp" in it will be ok.

can we throw these software through USB

Sure.. put the epk in an usb pendrive under the directory LG_DTV  and it will update if the version is higher than the actual one.

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USA updated using thumb drive from LG Web site.  Easy & simple update.

Model      OLED65B7A-U

S/N          709RMJF8xxxx

SW Version 04.71.00

webOS Version


Dolby Vision 1.4.4_07.01


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On 7/7/2018 at 5:25 PM, Zybiax said:


Thanks for sharing, however it says on my tv that It cannot be downgraded. Like It just won't apply yet I've followed every step and a factory reset won't do the trick either. I've done factory resets about 8 times now without any success or more. Also since my tv is a 2017 model, I highly doubt that it can be downgraded as I've read. It is probaly locked in the firmware, so hopefully somebody will find out a bypass for this anytime soon. 

officially it can't be downgraded.
Unofficially, I am the only one able to do it without hacking the TV and without setting up a fake server or anything :P
Believe it or not...

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