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WebOS vs Old SmartTV's Menu

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Connect your Samsung BD player through device connector to the respective HDMI port. For this go to the Device Connector tile and select your hDMI port where the Samsung is. You will be taken into a setup sequence. After this you will be able to use you remote to control the Samsung.

Also be aware that you have an extensive help - electronic user manual on your tv. The WebOS works different to the Netcast. It is a PC like software.

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Nothing special for the moment. 

The problem with the subtitles still remains, also no fix update for browser's flash plugin. 

My TV's Firmware version is at 04.32.20 and WebOS Version 1.3.1-3220(afro-arches). 

The fact that they haven't fix any of these very important issues is very annoying. 

Whenever i call them, they say that "if you believe that there is a problem with your TV, take it to the service store, otherwise wait for updates". 

....At the end..... Bullshit.....

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Mr.North and anyone else who believes that soon there will be a solution. 

I am afraid that incompatibility will play a key role in what's next for this platform.

I personally think that LG should come out officially and say clearly to the people that this attempt was a FAILURE and if there is a possibility of moving to another platform using the same hardware to do it so directly and free for all WebOS based TVs owners.

I do not believe that they have room for more excuses. 

Any upgrades are available so far, haven't restore any of the major issues have been reported here and all over the internet for the WebOS platform.

The most frustrating is that LG has no officially placed on the issue, although understands their problems. And of course I can't believe that LG is not aware of all these problems, do not you think???

The best would be to have an official answer here, in this forum, in this thread. 

...Please let me know if this ever happens.

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Nothing has been fixed yet. 

My TV has download all available updates but all problems such as subtitles, flash plugin in the browser, menus' delays etc still remain.


And by the way, another bug came up few days ago. 


I plug a stereo jack to the TV's audio output to send it to my HI-FI and evereything worked well untill i unplug the cable from the TV. Then I had no sound from the TV until i manually select the audio output (from the menu) to be my TV's speakers.

In any other TV i have or seen this is done automaticaly. 

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instead looks at you a bit, if we connect the headset bluetooth and accidentally goes off, it automatically switches to the internal speakers, think a bit when it happens at night and suddenly the TV starts to play scaring people who sleep and waking up, it is software that sucks !!!!!

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Hi there! I hope you can help me.

I have a brand new LG LB650v TV and I want to play movies with TwonkyMedia (from a NAS), but TV doesn't allow me to forward or backward..

It's a crap because if I want to reproduce a movie from the middle what can I do???


You have the same issue?

Thank you in advance.

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I recently got a 32LB650V from LG Hellas as replacement of my old 32LM620A where it had a serious damage that coldn't be repaired. 

Nice move from LG but....

The new WebOS for the moment is a crap compared to the old menu.

In the old menu i had:

LG Premium with lot's of goodies

LG Smart World where it was full of apps of anykind and i could find anything i want. 

LG 3D World with nice short movies, cartoons and documentaries in 3D.

Where are all these in WebOS????????


Now i have only youtube, facebook and 2-3 other useless stuff.


OK the panel's quality is better, sound is better, the configuration menu is OK, but where are all the other things that made me buy my old 32LM620A????????


I know I'm replying to an old thread, but have you tried LG's new 3DGO app? It's available on both operating systems and has a ton of free trailers in addition to brand new movies and documentaries for rent.

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Can you help me?! I am from Azerbaijan.I have LG Tv 43LF631V.And in my Tv don't work Lg content store.I didn't enter any apps.I try to reset my tv from the settings menu.But don't change any.I know to enter service menu (EZ adjust) whit a smartphone.But I don't know codes( area, country, tools)in the service menu.If you know codes, send me, please

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link hidden, please login to view

You have an LG Smart TV but you don’t know how to operate it or where to download apps from? Don’t worry we will tell you everything. LG content store is the best platform where you can get your favorite apps and content for LG Smart TV. It’s very easy to download apps on LG TV, all you need is to connect your Smart tv to an active internet connection. And by pressing the Home button on the remote control you can easily access to LG Content Store. You are drawn to this post because either you have bought a new LG Smart tv and looking for how to download apps for LG Smart Tv.

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