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Found 50 results

  1. I have a Zee5 subscription but I cannot find the app in my LG WebOS content store. Please help me as to how to get the app on my webos.
  2. Hi George, Thanks for highlighting, i have written to SONY as well for same. Hope they take this seriously and action. i would urge others too to drop them a mail regarding this request Dear sony Team, This is a request to develop an application for LG Webos Smart TV. Many users who have subscribed for sony liv would be benefitted with this and you should also be in forefront with other smart TV app providers like Hotstar and Zee5. Please do think of building one and i am sure you will increase you subscription base with this. Regards Ankit Sent from my iPhone
  3. Hi i am not able to play zee5 videos in my TV , i am able to play those in my mobile Getting please check you internet connection error i have 40 MBPS internet speed. i tried uninstalling and installed app but no luck Can anyone help me how to fix this Thanks
  4. Zee5 app was working fine in my TV, I bought premium account and loged in in TV but still it was not playing premium videos so I reset the settings in TV now I am not seeing the zee5 app itself. Any suggestions please
  5. Since Zee5 App is not available on the play store I am unable to play any media on LG Smart TV runs on WebOS. I have written to Zee5 in regards the same and they mentioned that they are aware of this issue and working on it and it would be available in a month. It has been 3 months past as of June 24, 2019 but the Zee5 App is not available.
  6. Hi I see issue with opening premium content video on Hotstar and Zee 5 app in india. All other things work fine but issue only appears for premium content videos. I suspect us this an issue with LG tv itself because both have similar issue. I have raised the issue with both hotstar and zee support. Is there any way to reachout and raise a support ticket with LG on this issue.
  7. Amazed to see zee5 app in content store , big thank to the team. Magic remote feature is not working for app and video in app are not playing even after having fast speed internet. Please look into it
  8. When will there be an update on the LG Content store to get these above title stated applications? Model: 32LF595B Software Version: 03.21.15 WebOS Version: 2.1.0-3157 (Beehive-bighorn)
  9. No updates on the zee5 app on my lgwebos the zee5 app is still on 14:23:24 which is an old version how can I get the latest version on the LG content store ?
  10. Hi Octavia, Unless zee5 have released a true cross platform app, which I doubt, the version on iOS is not going to be the same that is available for webOS as they are two completely different operating systems.
  11. The latest zee5 app is on iOS and google play store but not on LG content store
  12. Do Zee5 list the latest version pushed out to LG? If they do it is purely down to time, LG will have to do their due diligence before they push it out to TVs.
  13. Facing the same issue. I have LG OLED65B6T-T with software version 05.30.60 and Web OS version 3.3.4-4315 (dreadlock dharug) Hotstar has tweeted to me as well that their app won't work in versions below WebOS 3.5. Is there a possibility of LG updating its LG WebOS to 3.5 from the current version? Someone answer please. Edit: The other thing that baffles me is that when AltBalaji, Spotify and Zee5 apps can be made available then what happened to Hotstar? Why can't Hotstar's developers create an app for versions lower than WebOS 3.5?
  14. Unable to find zee5 and hotstar app to install in LG webOS TV. Please guide how to do it
  15. Hi i am not able to download zee5 app to my LG smart tv , my tv model is : webosTv UH850T, please help n guide, regards
  16. I have UH650T TV and there is not working zee5 and hotstar app and not found in LG content store.
  17. I have UH650T TV and there is not working zee5 and hotstar app and not found in LG content store.
  18. How to install Zee5 , hotstar app on lg web is tv uh750t?
  19. Zee 5 tv app is not available on my lg tv store. How to download it?
  20. I have one LG 43uk6780pte 4k TV. I hope you know that people in India use 4 apps (hotstar, sonyliv, voot, zee5) extensively along with Amazon prime and Netflix. Now, webos platform is having many apps, but it is missing two of the most popular apps i.e. sonyliv and voot. Hence, I am eagerly waiting for these apps. So, I want to know whether there is any chance that we will be getting these apps in near future.
  21. Just only Netflix, Amazon prime, hotstar, zee5 provided in LG content store this is called as smart TV how? it dose not content any other applications which are really required, when LG provides this indian apps then only TV get smart.
  22. My lg 43 inches smart &3d TV with lg web os doesn't have apps like zee5 which is available in other models .I think buying of smart TV is my biggest mistake I have purchased TV three years back.kindly help by providing at least some comment use apps like hotstar,zee 5 ,alt balaji as already demanded by various users.
  23. I have LG 43LF6300 WebOS TV, purchased it in Oct '15. I was trying to look for Zee5, AltBalaji and Hotstar in the LG content store and couldn't find anyone of them. I could read that many of the users here already have the app, can anyone guide me where to look for it? I have some 100 odd apps in content store but not the ones 'm looking for. Please suggest
  24. I cannot find the search icon in Zee5 app. Can you please help me out. Thanks!
  25. I installed zee5, it launches but when I try to play any content it just keeps trying to load Infinitely. I have a 40 mbps internet speed, that should not be a problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but the problem continues.

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