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  1. RT @farzamehsani: Binance surpassed Deutsche Bank in profits in Q1 2018. Binance Deutsche Profit: $200…

  2. RT @matthias_ollig: Avira Privacy Pal: Upvote! A simple way to manage your Windows privacy settings via @ProductHunt https://t.co/y28tKM5TvD

  3. RT @JamesMontemagno: YES! VS Code for default editor on Git! No more vim for me! Never know how to get out of it! https://t.co/LW3TPQynBB

  4. @ILOVECRYPT0 Do you think ETH will go lower than 400$?

  5. @BTCKYLE Saw your last YouTube video. Things are clear now. Your doing a great job!

  6. RT @officialmcafee: SubstratumCORES network topology is one if the cleverest ways I've seen to provide privacy and anonymity. Check it out.…

  7. RT @Avira: How to recognize #phishing: Hover the pointer over the links and you will see the URL appear. https://t.co/b3N7jHkuSN https://t.…

  8. RT @Bitcoin: One of the earliest VPNs to accept Bitcoin, PrivateInternetAccess, now accepts Bitcoin Cash. https://t.co/K5n1pvUkF6

  9. RT @QuintenFrancois: Watch what the CEO of @Ripple and @ethereumproject have to say about cryptocurrencies: https://t.co/zN66qEpuGz

  10. RT @HuaweiNetworks: @Huawei and @Avira announce their partnership on cloud-based zero day and malware protection: https://t.co/MfNhMWNuHr #…

  11. #aicucine #alegeriparlamentare2016 Hai la vot! La secția de votate din Ulm nu se sta la coada. https://t.co/IJJaIjdFEI

  12. RT @incomputable: C++ and Beyond will take place this year in Stuttgart. http://t.co/UpLsKNyYdK

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