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  1. I am just wondering why LG went with WebOS, when with android TV you are sure that there will be ongoing development and huge team of people working on it. I just hoppe that someone will make available to change OS on TV as you can change it on phone, and i would emidiatly switch to Android TV!

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  2. Agreed, i alredy posted my disapoitment, I was fulled by the tv presentation about LGwebOS, it is actualy worse than any OS i have ever seen on TV as far the performance - the idea it selff is OK. switching chanels takes 3-5 sec opening seings somtimes takes up to 10 sec. you can only chose external or tv speakers not simuntaniasly and many more other things. I would gladly install google TV if there will be posibility or - even previuse LG smart tv OS

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  3. You are right LG has announced next version of webos tv for 2015 and they call it second generation of webOS TVs, i am only afraid that we will be left hanging with the first generation of webOS TVs without any support! 

    I have should know better, not to by stater product of any kind only when it has some medium maturity of production!

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