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  1. @OTCBryce @realsheepwolf $ECEZ gonna move

  2. @_PennyMachine_ Apple provides about 5% of Intels annual revenue . (last paragraph) https://t.co/YCJL0IajJT

  3. @JerrySeinfeld Did you ever have Sunshine Superman by Donovan playing in a Seinfeld episode?

  4. @otcdynamics @realsheepwolf nice $rnva

  5. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve clicked on “page 2” of a Google search. Page 2 has to be a lonely place these days

  6. @JMurray247 Are these the same teachers @GOP thinks are over paid? Same @GOP that always cut budgets at school? I… https://t.co/3KuAhm6RhY

  7. @KibblesNBits Just sent a dm

  8. @KibblesNBits My dog wants me to tell you she dislikes black and brown pieces. Only wants the red balls and orange… https://t.co/a2VSCeBpji

  9. Wonder how much @Microsoft paid @officedepot for product placement. #elfyoursef https://t.co/veOHFfEb04

  10. RT @cabel: Pro MacBook Pro Tip: have a Touch Bar with Touch ID? If you edit /etc/pam.d/sudo and add the following line to the top… auth su…

  11. I’ve had a few Samsung android phones with retina / face scanning. FaceID just works. Turning it off hasn’t crossed my mind.

  12. @JeffFlake Awesome speech!!! I respect you greatly - Thank you

  13. I think the next dog we get I’m gonna name Roomba. @iRobot

  14. Would love to see @mjkeenan @JustinC_Tool @AdamJones_tv and Danny cover The Dam at Otter Creek @EDDIEKLIVE - Awesome song-can really see it

  15. If you like TOOL - Disturbed - GodSmack - Deftones, etc... Listen to https://t.co/UrliCK6vzA

  16. @FultonCoSchools grow an effin set of balls - it’s 6:10pm. At least time box your “experiment”. Can you do that… https://t.co/G6EFAqAYC5

  17. @BillyCrystal How many have you you watched Princess Bride? 1 of my fav movies. Enjoyed it as a kid and now with my kids Thx 4 gr8 memories

  18. The first app I put on my Mac after a rebuild is - https://t.co/BHk3aSVvNk

  19. @schwa I laugh at ppl using their phone & surfing the web while pissing in a URINAL. Shit man.. I never wanna be THAT busy.

  20. RT @Objective_Neo: Software developers should start a new little revolution and reject jobs in companies that have an open office floor pla…

  21. Even Apple has autolayout issues every now and again I see https://t.co/9vjEzU2Tic

  22. Dam it!!! Out of mustard… I just got started… I’ll barely tase the mustard… @Frenchs @originalnathans https://t.co/ealFUm7Ib4

  23. RT @vaidehijoshi: being a developer is basically having to get out of an escape room that you created yet constantly wondering how you got…

  24. Suggestion - @Sonos UX team - The selection is COMPLETELY different now on More.. if song is from your library! V… https://t.co/rcwATMWv9V

  25. How to a Watermelon for maximum Mellon Pieces. This also leaves minimum melon juice all over the counter. https://t.co/02hHXKbW51

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