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  1. RT @OpinionatedEuro: #DayForFreedom Official Stream! RETWEET THIS! 🇬🇧 https://t.co/76uq6IVztI

  2. RT @LizKershawDJ: Just had a missive from police "Safer Roads Team" to say I am being prosecuted for doing 36MPH in a rural area (yet havin…

  3. @LeslieKrupp @TRobinsonNewEra No. They are single sex.

  4. RT @TRobinsonNewEra: Another racist Labour MP. What does colour & background have to do with a man leading this inquiry? Twat. https://t.co…

  5. @OnlineMagazin He definitely says allah hu ackbar and subhan allah several times.

  6. Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros https://t.co/MuHigaRR1j

  7. Boycott this vile Soros-supporting chaff. https://t.co/yl8TwjPQBR

  8. While #Putin was shelling the #terrorists on Thanksgiving, president Hussein #Obama signed the bill which allows $500 million in aid to ISIS

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