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  1. Tried UK, France, Belgium and Spain, all of them have no Skype on PREMUM, what am I doing wrong here...
  2. KingP1n, at last I found a friend who has Samsung mobile and I download the app and it worked, thanks for your help. Now I changed the region to UK, wanted to download Skype but couldn't, it's not in the LG content store/Premium/apps and games, do you know how can I download load Skype. Thanks
  3. No not yet, still looking for android mobile phone, no one I know has one, all iPhones, as soon as I get one I will let you know. Thanks KingP1n for asking again
  4. Thanks again KingP1n, I will ask around and see if I can get a friend with android and fellow your instructions. Will let you know in few days. Thanks again
  5. Ok KingP1n, I will try to find someone with android, then what......
  6. Thanks KingP1n for your reply I have read the link you mentioned, but is there other solution that doesn't require buying expensive equipment that I don't really need (harmony remote control). Thanks
  7. Hi all..... again I am a samsung TV user for many years, but this time I desicded to try LG, I bought LG 65UF950T TV from the Dubai, UAE, but when I wanted to download Netflix, ITV Iplayer and BBC Iplayer, I couldnt, I tried to change the location but locations availabel are Africa and Middle East. I did factory rest but no luck. Any idea how can I change the location to some where in Europe or USA please. I am very disappointed with this TV. Thanks

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