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  1. I have fix it !! I believe so titles seem to play now. What happened is that Netflix tried to load titles at 4k full hd quality on the LG TV and somehow the TV (maybe because it is old) froze. I entered my account settings and set my user default quality to HD and boom. Hope I help someone with this solution. Bruno
  2. LG problem? They told me it's Netflix fault. I really find it strange as other apps work perfectly.
  3. Hello everyone, hope you can help me! I have this tv model : 55UB850V-ZD . On Tuesday Netflix app stopped playing titles first telling me the "this title is not available for playing" if I tried again it got stuck sometimes at 20 and others to 24%. I have tried everything from switching off and on the TV , removing it from the power source for 60 seconds and 3 minutes as well, resetting the TV , getting out of my account and sign-in again even contacting Netflix which told me it was a hardware/software issue and that I should contact LG and LG telling me it is a Netflix issue. One of the strange things I have seen as well is that when I get out of Netflix and enter my hdmi4 for example screen goes black and my TV gets blocked and I need to turn it off an on again, this does not happen with all the other apps that I have tested and work perfectly. Sorry for such a long text, hope you can help me out. Cordially Bruno

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