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  1. Thanks for your response. Since I have the same issue and I dont know how can I fix it, would you please introduce me the specialist or how can I call him? Did he replace some hardware or just by modifying software? I would be grateful If you contact me here or in direct message. Thank you
  2. I was tying to change the settings on our LG TV to enable it for HD channel reception. We found instructions on the net to configure the "area option" in the hidden menu, however, they did not work. So, we thought that we need to change the country group to be able to receive the HD channels. Although we could not change the "country group code" from 20 to an arbitrary number, we change it to 13. After that, we have not been able to change it anymore. It is struck there. I know this is ridiculous, but an LG TV expert who is working in LG customer services told us that I could not change it eit
  3. Hello I have the same issue with the same TV! Did you get your TV fix? any solution?

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