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  1. Model: OLED65CXPUA Just updated to firmware 03.21.16 yesterday, Jan 18 2021 I had Quick Select+ disabled (that was an apparent workaround). I re-enabled it after this firmware update. Hopefully, no more issues. I tired to find 'release notes' on this firmware update but all I could find was that this was a fix for HDR brightness levels during gaming (or something similar). Thanks for the quick response.
  2. Does anyone else have an issue with the CX not displaying inputs after an input selection change? I found a YouTube video discussing this issue: and in one of the comments, someone recommended disabling the Quick Select+ option; someone else suggested disabling the AMD Freesync option to fix the issue. I did both and that seems to correct the issue, but these are features that I paid for. Does anyone else have this problem? Just wondering if I have a defective unit. Thanks,
  3. I'm trying to add channels using LG's guide / channel manager to favorite groups. When I try to select a channel to move to the favorites group, the app tunes to that channel and closes; never giving me the opportunity to add it to my new group. I was going to add all channels and try to remove the ones I don't want in that group but I can't because there's a limit. At first, I thought the issue was the 'remote control' input the TV created when I added my Direct TV remote (I had all my HDMI connections through my home receiver with only one HDMI connection to the TV) so all the inputs

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