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  1. UPDATE: I think i've found the culprit. Amazon alexa app. Few minutes ago, I tried to reinstall and link the tv to my echo dot via the lg official skill. Instantly after, the yellow bar came back popping up. After removing alexa app the yellow bar disappeared.
  2. @td47 thanks for the answer. That happens with antenna tv, ps4, or netflix. I tried several time with all the options. At the end i decided for the drastic option, reset to factory settings.. and it worked!! Now that yellow line doesn't show up. I think that was my fault.
  3. Hi there, I've just bought a new lg tv 55UM7450PLA. I have noticed that sometimes a banner with a yellow line pops up randomly. I'll show you with a video. Can someone help me plesse? thanks PXL_20201213_175055580.mp4

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