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  1. @td47 After the firmware update, only the 5Ghz network had a problem with using the hyphen. The 2Ghz network continued to function well even with a hyphen in the network name. I really believe that it is a bug in the firmware version, however, it is possible to continue using the device normally just by making this change to the SSID of the 5Ghz network. An easy problem to solve but difficult to discover .....
  2. I managed to fix the problem. I discovered that the problem was the name of my wifi that contained special characters, I removed those characters and it worked. The wifi name changed from "Kameouse-A-5G" to "KamehouseA5G".
  3. @td47 The signal is stable, but the router is close to the TV, in the same environment. Even contacting LG support they did not give me any solution.
  4. @td47 thanks for answering. I tried to do as you suggested, but there is no other 5Ghz network on the same channel that my network is on. I realized that after about 20 minutes it seems that the TV can stay connected to the 5Ghz network, but it is not cool to wait this time every time you turn on the TV
  5. I have lg tv model 49UJ6525, last weekend the tv updated to version 05.80.35, but now I realized that I can no longer use the 5 GHz WIFI network, the network is disconnecting and connecting all the time. I did a test with the 2.4 Ghz network and it works normal, but I would like to use the 5GHz network. Is it possible to solve this problem?

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