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  1. I am a LG 55UM7300 user, usually using Airplay. I can watch Youtube's CC subtitles but Auto-generated one. Got disappointed. The great majority of Youtubes are on Auto-generated one, not CC. I really want to watch Youtube with Auto-generated subtitles. I found out that Chromecast can display it, so Why not via Airplay? ps. Even CC subtitles are displayed at weird position when via Airplay, not in the middle but left side.
  2. Subtitle comes out almost middle of the screen,, which is very weird, when using 'Google Cast' in Photo&Video app, even though I set it's position to -2(lowest). Rather than position adjustment (+4 ~ -2), I think LG should fix this up ASAP like "bottom" "middle" "top" of screen, just as any other video player app. I use LG 55UM7300.

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