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  1. #SafariLive on @natgeowild is great! Loving the #SafariBingoSweepstakes. https://t.co/1FAvyyLNKE (and amazing footage!)

  2. Fav: Cheetahs lazily half-chase something 2-3 wks ago, then nope out. Good to see them well fed enough to goof off #SafariLive @natgeowild

  3. That GodzillaCroc grinning over the digestive (cookie) is why @JamesRAHendry is my favorite anchor of any show, ever #safarilive @natgeowild

  4. RT @BBCOne: When someone mentions food... #AlaskaLive https://t.co/CXcLK19kHF

  5. Jelani is a great name (& what a wonderful show again, @natgeowild @WildEarth & all) #jelani #safariLIVE

  6. That Eagle cam (live, flying!) on #EarthLive is one of the most extraordinary things I've seen on telly. Maybe tops except Boston sports :D

  7. @WholesomeMemer LOL you finally have an honest title "this is not mine" but that's only because the reddit original… https://t.co/H8BgTseZOZ

  8. #safarilive Duo 2 (Mischief and Mayhem - Happy Mothers Day & keep up the great work! @WildEarth @natgeowild )

  9. RT @akbogert: Pigeon-eating catfish. Catfish that eat pigeons. I am here for this. #PlanetEarth2

  10. Where can we get merula beer in the USA? I need whatever @JamesRAHendry is on! ;) <3 #SafariLive (Wonderful shows, @WildEarth & @NatGeoWild)

  11. OPERATION! Petticoat https://t.co/78pWR3Q71u #AddAToyImproveAMovie @midnight

  12. Duck boats #PatriotsParade is fucking LIT https://t.co/N1aZjH78Hv (I wanna be back in Boston so bad!) Epic party for EPIC #SuperBowl

  13. RT @natgeowild: Ready to join us on a LIVE African safari? #SafariLive 11/10c https://t.co/p2czr2KvQO

  14. No questions, just wanted to say you're brilliant and I'm loving this #SAFARILIVE - props to the crew and @NatGeoWild for showing it!

  15. RT @LastWeekTonight: Watch last night's segment on the tobacco industry then help get #JeffWeCan trending. http://t.co/k7LJr8q30H

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