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  1. So cool. Audible audiobooks are a good source to stream on teh TV for relaxing. I use the books for learning at my home. I save the audiobooks on my phone with the help of the Audio Recorder Mac from AudFree. It offers me lossless audiobooks and I can play them offline whenever I want.
  2. You can use Spotify on your LG TV via the Spotify Music Downloader from AudFree. The tool gets lossless Spotify music files for you. Then you are able to listen to them offline and move them to your TV ot other devices.
  3. Spotify music is good for listening to on the phone. I also like to access the songs in my car with Bluetooth. The songs can be downloaded with the Audio Capture Software from AudFree. I can then send them to my other players for offline playing.
  4. You can use a Spotify downloader to save Spotify songs as MP3 files. Then you can load the songs to your Samrt TV for offline listening. You can access the songs anytime even if you have no network connection.
  5. It's great to play Spotify music on TV. If you subscribe to Spotify, you cna downlaod the music so the issues can be avoided. In addition, Spotify songs will stop if you use a Spotify Music Downloader. The tool is powerful to give you back MP3 music files. So you can move the songs to the TV and listen to them offline anytime.
  6. Spotify music can be added to LG TV. I use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to downlaod the songs and upload them to the TV. I got the tool from DRmare website.
  7. For Tidal app, I got an AudFree Tidal Music Converter to download Tidal songs as MP3 files. I got the tool on AudFree website. Then I upload the songs to my phone and listen to them offline.
  8. you can use DRmare Spotify Songs Converter from DRmare website to download the songs.
  9. It's annoying if Spotify app stops when you are listening to. I got a DRmare Spotify Playlist Downloader to move the songs to any device. You can download the tool on the DRmare website.
  10. AudFree Spotify Music Downloader is suitable for you to control Spotify on LG Samrt TV. The tool can help you save Spotify music and send them to the TV for offline playing. You can get more detail on the AudFree website.

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