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  1. Interesting. Last night at about11pm, after a lot of researching, I unplugged my wireless headphones. I had been reading about things that could interfere with wifi. Both ABC and SBS worked fine! I then plugged the headphones back in and it stayed working ok. This morning with headphones still plugged in they are both still working ok. Unplugging the headphones maybe gave the two systems a chance to find their own way on the same frequency ( both 2.5ghz). I did read something about how they are on the same frequency and yet can operate, somehow, at the same time. Thinking about it, these troubles started not long after I bought the headphones. Here's hoping. Thanks for your time.
  2. MidGe I answered earlier today but being new to the forum, I probably didn't do it correctly but am now properly joined, so here's hoping this gets to you. Did you get any resolution to the problem with your LG Tv.? My 55 inch Lg smart Tv, bought in September 2018, is doing exactly what you describe. Both ABC and SBS stop repeatedly. Other things such as YouTube, Netflix etc are ok. It is clearly a TV issue as desktop computer ( ethernet) and ipad and phone (wifi) work fine on both of those sites. I asked our local Facebook community site and someone said they had the same problem. Sounds like they didn't resolve it. I don't think I have any chance with LG as it is out of warranty. The screen was recently replaced under a 'good will' extension of my warranty and the problem has worsened since that repair. I will call the repairer and see what they have to say, but am not hopeful. Looks like I got a lemon!

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