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  1. Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Hello , I own a 55UM7400PTA smart TV and the so called web browser that comes with all of these smart tv need to have added to these smart tv in all smart tv the web browser called Google Chrome , which at the moment is not compatible with any LG smart tv, The current web browser which comes with the LG smart tv is OUT OF DATE for the browser side of things, to keep up with the times, you people need to make available for all users a LG smart TV update so the Google Chrome can be added to all LG smart TV download updates to be added to the smart tv. When you turn on tv and go to the standard web browser that come with the LG smart TV and go into it and when looking up on the web browser internet it all say this web browser is OUT OF DATE So please if you people can design a download for the LG Smart TV s of the world so that Google Chrome can be down loaded at the moment when you try to download the google chrome it say s NOT compatible PLEASE DESIGN A GOOGLE CHROME TO SUIT THE LG SMART TV BY ADDING THE CURRECT UPDATE OF GOOGLE CHROME THANT CAN BE UPDATED TO ALL LG SMART TV S ....THANK YOU Please let me know how you can forward with this , issue that everyone seems to want , I like the LG smart tv but having said that there are other brands which do have google chrome running on there Smart TV s .... Thank You for your time Really hope you can do something about this ???? Regards, Wayne Sharratt 🙂 Name wayne sharratt Email [email protected]

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