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  1. Hi George yes UK no option for overlapping regions after return still same missing channels and incorrect region. Cheers Keith
  2. I have a 2019 65" smart tv when we re tuned all the stations were there no problems then updated as you do when channels move. Now my tv shows channel 1- 2- 9 10 -11 etc 3 4 5 6 7 8 are all missing they are there in 103 104 HD tv but not in my region when watching the regional news it is now Granada not our usual station which was there previously. I have gone to settings and location both are correct to my address. all the other TVs are receiving my region with no issues so its not an Arial /signal issue I am using a digital Arial How do I get my region correct How do I get my channels back Cheers if you can help.
  3. How do I get sky go on my 2019 65inch LG smart tv

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