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  1. am a LG customer from Hong Kong, I encounter a video display issue in my LG Smart TV. I reported this to Hong Kong support team, but it seems that they cannot help me and giving me an unsatisfactory explaination, so I seek for help from here.


    My Smart TV model is 43UH7500 with running WebOS 05.30.20, which is the latest version, the build in media player cannot display video in correct orientation, the portrait MP4 video I taken from various smartphone become landscape direction in the TV, for instance, I take a video of Eiffel Tower when travelling to Paris, the tower will lie down horizontally when displaying in the TV no matter the file source is come from a DLNA media server or direct USB connection, even from your LG media server, Smart Share, while there is no problem when displaying in other video player, e.g. Windows media player or Smart TV of other brand.  I contacted Hong Kong Support and attached the sample video to them for investigation, turns out they reply me that is the "feature" of LG TV, and did not commit taking any follow up action to fix this issue.  Here is their final reply.


    "According to your case, we tested the video you sent to us, the problem is not related to hardware or operate.

    TV's player do not meeet your requirements. We will submit your comment to company for reference."


    I feel very disappointing with the response,  is watching a video in correct orientation is my requirement only?  And other users will feel happy to see rotated video?  All I sense is an irresponsible excuse without caring customer experience. 


    I hope anyone can confirm if that really is "feature" of LG TV worldwide as claimed by Hong Kong support team, and there is no plan to fix this issue. My house is small but have 3 LG TVs because of its famous brand with outstanding quality, but I really feeling very disappoint this time.


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