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  1. Hi George, that's a brilliant bit of sideways thinking. I did suggest but my wife didn't like the idea of putting legs on the back and making a coffee t ………………… Just a moment George, I've got to phone my wife, she's off to the municipal tip with the set. I must stop her. As well as cats, TV's might have nine lives also. Heading for eBay now. Thank you so much for your inspired guidance. If you ever need to know how to use a theodolite, give me a call. lol.
  2. Sorry Mackers028, I don't have an answer for you but please see my question headed ' What Hammer Size?' Please see the image attachments. It seems to be just the same as yours. LG 'Chat' quoted me £229 GBP. You win some, you lose some. This time I lose some I think.
  3. I'm a master construction builder; not a techno ! LG 'Chat' facility eventually advised a 'mainboard' replacement to solve the problem. TV model is LG 43UJ634V. 18 months old. Problem: screen carries a diagonal cast of colour within the picture. No amount of resets or adjustments can bring back a good picture. I downloaded images for their consideration. I will do the same here as an attachment. Question : In your opinion, is this repairable by a download or is it a hammer job? If the latter; what size hammer?

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