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  1. @CityPowerJhb what is the ETR on restoring power in Weltevredenpark? Ref. CPWEB2264431

  2. @CityPowerJhb @cyril_shaw Does "the city" have any update on this? Any tech on site yet and what is the ETR?

  3. @vumatel No connection in Weltevredenpark. Do you have an ETA on this yet?

  4. @TelkomZA moving to fibre soon. Want to cancel ADSL service, but keep voice. How do I do this?

  5. @CityPowerJhb Power restored - thanks!

  6. RT @dgibbons0513: This is me and the rest of Team Ketchup trying to find members of Team Mayonnaise to beat. #Splatfest https://t.co/tHH8wo…

  7. @CityPowerJhb I see you "escalated" my report to a planned outage. Interesting technique you got going there.

  8. Baie cool random episode van die #WATpodcast https://t.co/43b7jqJ1XO

  9. @LGMobileSA @Vodacom @Vodacom111 Thank you for pushing the April security patch to the LG V20 - please keep it up every month!

  10. @LGMobileSA @Vodacom At least let us get the monthly security updates. My V20 is still on the December 2016 security update...

  11. @HoekomSoPodcast Ons mis julle!

  12. @LGMobileSA @Vodacom When are we getting another monthly security update? The last one was in December last year. https://t.co/P6fvgguBbx

  13. RT @Abramjee: Family of 4 slaughtered in Balfour Mpumalanga: Only one newspaper has it on the front page! Where's the national outcry? #Cri…

  14. RT @65eb83f1485f404: @CityPowerJhb Operators https://t.co/L4RSuvc9RL

  15. My @LGMobileSA V20 broke. Returned to @Vodacom for repairs. Followed up w them 2day. Will exchange, but on back order. How no stock?

  16. @LGMobileSA @Vodacom I sure am :) This is how to build trust and loyalty.

  17. LG snubs 2014 TV owners on webOS upgrade http://t.co/sPlUmeCnSV - Not cool @LG_webOS! Why? #LG #WebOS #fail #iwantmymoneyback

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