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  1. Thanks for your answer. We do have a few ROKU’s and a couple of Apple TV ‘s, so going through them works just fine. I guess I’m just born in the wrong time and expect it to be like the Jetson’s where everything blows me away at its efficiency and futuristic abilities, hehe. Alas, we live in a world where things may not live up to expectation. Appreciate the time you took to answer! Regards, Marisa
  2. Thanks George. Does that mean I'm out of luck? Bought this new a few years back, thought it was future proof. :-/
  3. Hello, Our TV no longer appears to update. I am on update 04.25.70 on this 65EF9500 TV, but my other slightly newer LG (UJ7700) is updated to 04.71.00. Contacting LG by email didn’t help at all. Any suggestions? thanks in advance. marisa

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