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  1. Would let me play other file types that LG havent got around to including playback for (ie M4A) or is this just for being able to access media on a NAS directly from the TV? Thanks
  2. Other family members could access it, if your phone died you could still access it, if your phone breaks you can still access it, guests could access it, kids could put on their own movies, everyone can decide what to watch together looking through the choices on the screen, if you lose your phone you can still access it, a long way down the line if the phone app no longer functions or something happens to android/apple it would nice for the tv to be somewhat self sufficient I'd love this app available on LG and file types like m4a songs should really be able to be played as it's an open
  3. Would love to see M4A added so I can listen to my music library with my TV. Part of the reason I bought it was to do this!
  4. I just put an M4A file on my NAS and was really surprised that I couldnt play it using the LG TV's network explorer with error 'file type not supported'. Will this be added soon as it is a fairly standard file format that all websites I've read agree is better quality and better compression than mp3.
  5. I'd appreciate this feature too. Feel limited without it. Did someone say Samsung has this on their TV's?

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