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  1. Hey devs, I'm setting up the dev enviroment for webOS since 2 days now and seems to get to an dead end. I followed this tutorial http://webostv.developer.lge.com/develop/building-your-first-web-app-webos-tv/ to step 6 which is the 'ares-install com.myproject.app' part. The CLI output: Trying to connect the webOS IDE: Trying to install via App Manager: I have the feeling that these are different issues, but can't get a clear overview about whats the problem. I am using - webOS TV Emulator v4.0.0 - VirtualBox 5.2.12 - WebOS IDE Build 1532 - Windows 10 So far I tried: - Changing the IP and Port in any combination you could get from IP [, VirtualBox-IP which is shown in ipconfig] and port [6622, 22]. If you need further information, let me know. Hoping someone can help me out at this point. Edit: No need for help anymore. I tried to set something working up for 16 hours of worktime now. Including attempts with windows, ubuntu 16, ubuntu18, different solutions from the internet. Everything failed Stopping on this project now.

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