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  1. RT @EuroLeague: 🔉Sound On! Some of the @bczalgiris crowd stayed back to listen to the press conference of Šarūnas Jasikevičius last night.…

  2. RT @bczalgiris: #Zalgiris - @cskabasket 85:73. What a game!!! For the second year in a row @ZalgirioArena witnesses win vs #CSKA! @EuroLeag…

  3. RT @bczalgiris: #Zalgiris captain Paulius #Jankunas makes history! The 3 defensive rebounds in the last game moves @P_Jankunas13 to #1⃣ spo…

  4. I've just joined Revolut's banking revolution! No more rip off fees and hidden charges for me! Join me here: https://t.co/nBi40Rk17v

  5. @krakenfx noooo way, kraken's stable as f**k 🤣

  6. Yet another boring race... #F1#AbuDhabiGP

  7. RT @mattcjordan: Building Docker containers is definitely the replacement excuse for "I'm waiting for it to finish compiling."

  8. RT @Bote_Comm: @voicegal If you agree, press 1. If you disagree, press 2. To hang up, press 2.

  9. Nowadays RedBull beverage helps you not to fall asleep while watching #f1 #LibertyMedia all eyes on you!

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