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  1. What I did was to install a small laptop next to my viewing chair and networked it to the PC with my video files and I control the files that way. I use it for a lot of other things and I find it very handy.
  2. I have been watching video files for 3 years now on my LG and have not found a way to do that either. I am interested in this subject also. BTW I also forget sometimes which episode I watched last and would like to find a way for the OS to delete a file.
  3. I use Serviio DLNA media stream server installed on my PC and use it on my LG, ROKU, and Firestick TVs. When I tried to use just the windows media server the Lg would tell me that there were no video files in the folder. I've been using Serviio for two years now with very few problems.
  4. What I did to solve this problem was to insert a video file on a flash drive and play that for a couple of seconds without a problem and the TV then began playing the files on my network. I am back in business. I know this sounds strange but it is what happened. While doing all of this I was thinking of resetting the TV back to factory settings but I could not locate the password in my manual. Can anyone help me with that?
  5. Last Friday the 26th of October I was able to play all of the shared files (mp4, avi, divx, mkv, almost anything) on several of my computers on my network on my LG OLED 65C7P and had been doing so for the past 10 months. Saturday morning Nothing would play. I can navigate to the files on the computer with the TV but everything returns the message "This file cannot be recognized. Do you want to play the next file." The next file after waiting several minutes returns the same message. I then tried another computer on the network with the same results. I was wondering if the TV had downloaded an

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