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  1. Dude, again you are telling me to do the same thing which I think its most basic thing done by 99% of desktop users to hide their files. Attrib command = File Properties-Hidden option....webOS does not work like Windows operating system, it is based on Linux. And apparently nothing is hidden from Linux. Changing file name by prefixing dot does not even seem to work which would have worked otherwise in desktop linux.
  2. Thanks for replying buddy.. I have already mentioned that I have tried changing attributes for files/folders in my question which is nothing but same you mentioned here... Tried other methods too, nothing stays hidden from Linux and this Smart(ass) TV
  3. Dude it made matter worse!! Not only it still shows in SmartShare Videos of TV all files are now on the top of the list after prefixing with them dot. Any more suggestion please!!
  4. Thank you man..I will try it tonight and will let you know if it worked!!!
  5. Hi Guys, I own LG 47B6500 SmartTV. I have 1TB HDD in which I have stored lots of videos. There are some videos I have hidden using tool called "WinFolder Lock Pro" and they are not viewable on a computer. But when I plug this HDD to my TV and start SmartShare, these vidoes show up in Videos which is big problem. I have tried using simple method of hiding files/folders chaning attribute to Hidden as well but still they show up. Does anyone know a way around this so that videos/pictures can be hidden from this (over)SmartTV...Please help!! Thank you
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