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  1. Why look the other way when a Genocide is taking place that will ultimately end in a slaughter that w... https://t.co/3pvklpAQ0G via @Change

  2. If only @MYANC and @CyrilRamaphosa can learn from Zimbabwe's new president and not make the same mistakes Mugabe ma… https://t.co/hOUSmX8dkM

  3. @mzansi_savage @_Pootie @Abramjee @MbalulaFikile @MakeSAsafe @News24 @AshrafGarda @GP_CommSafety @NamolaApp @IOL… https://t.co/uwTHNTHHuW

  4. @mzansi_savage @_Pootie @Abramjee @MbalulaFikile @MakeSAsafe @News24 @AshrafGarda @GP_CommSafety @NamolaApp @IOL… https://t.co/27LYARZoDS

  5. @karin_rackley @iamSivN For exactly that reason. You clearly misread my tweet. My question was why we can't leave r… https://t.co/h54skZrpGc

  6. @karin_rackley @iamSivN Unfortunately I doubt it

  7. @AngelaMerkeICDU could stop @realdonaldtrump’s attack on our planet - sign & share the open letter to her now! https://t.co/wqwaSl8I9i

  8. RT @RowlandARoberts: @XolaNtshinga @DawnDunnRugby Time to make the game 90mins when you watch a game like this. #SSRugby #RSAvFRA

  9. @TooKhaya2Gooner If you then DO understand and we DON'T. Please enlighten us with your wisdom...

  10. RT @Change: Tyler grew up on the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario, so he understands the danger of water pollution. #SaveOurOcean https://t.co…

  11. South African Revenue Service: South African petition against changes by the national treasury on Sec... https://t.co/ghVMK3aoJy via @Change

  12. @iamSivN Why can't we ever just celebrate a great victory in stead of making it a racial story???

  13. There are only 30 #vaquitas left in the world and no time to lose. Add your name to help save them then RT: https://t.co/D23TlLp5Vs

  14. I signed the petition to bring home a Canadian pastor who is wrongfully imprisoned in #NorthKorea https://t.co/959ryeUHXl #bringlimhome

  15. Oil giant Shell has been stealing from the starving in Nigeria! Time to pay it back - here’s how: https://t.co/JJw4TEe0Gl

  16. Zuma First, Jobs Last… Enough is enough! Sign to remove Zuma as President. #NoConfidence https://t.co/cC4omSz0ON

  17. Easter proves Jesus is King and that your life has value and a purpose. https://t.co/BBqRimB1xN via @BeforeTheCross

  18. Whale hunting season in Norway starts in just days, but we can stop it and #savethewhales - add your name and RT: https://t.co/ykdE80QKoS

  19. RT @rayanvar: Even if there are no South Africans among you, please help to spread this appeal, maybe the baby will be found earlier. #Help…

  20. Elephants are being poached so bad, some are being born tuskless. Click to see how we can help. https://t.co/qjtQFitGnJ

  21. @SuperSportTV the ref tried really hard to help the bulls, but in the end justice prevailed. Well done Stormers!!!

  22. #Bees are dying fast, and this is the biggest petition ever to save them! Join now before it's delivered to Canada https://t.co/7VT7NSRizi

  23. I'm a @SamsungSA #GearFit2 and I have your best interests at heart :). Am I your #SamsungMatch? RT and WIN me. https://t.co/ODhF7eLmAV

  24. Humanity strikes back at @realDonaldTrump. Join the #WorldToTrump open letter that’s sweeping the planet! #Trump https://t.co/MiqdQuSBW3

  25. I just committed to Everyday Study with Joyce Meyer. Join me & dig deeper into God's Word. https://t.co/YmW20WGNqp @joycemeyer

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