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  1. RT @Bloodzeed_: Rt if you want bloodzeed to return #bloodzed

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  3. @TaylorAJP @prodnose @endof_thetrail @quantick @dannykellywords @mk1969 @SluggerOToole @freshnet @BandOfHolyJoy…


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  6. @DebbieCF_UK @SkyHelpTeam They should never have changed to yahoo.

  7. @LeighFrancis Saw it with my son on Saturday in 3D. Was excellent

  8. @BroadcastMoose Well I would go for it. Just a bit more smoked salmon for me though. 😂

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  11. @Ginofantastico @PortsmouthGhall @GLiveGuildford Thanks for a very funny evening Gino 😀

  12. @Lord_Sugar I think someone is throwing their dummy out of their pram!!! @piersmorgan 😂😂😂

  13. @BroadcastMoose May they rot in hell!!!!!!

  14. @LeighFrancis thanks for making me laugh through out the year. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year Leigh.