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    Picture quality on an Oled using iptv..

    Hey matty032, My iptv is 4k. Its sold by Mid West Technologies ltd and the type of TV that's on it is called Bulldog TV. My reason for posting here is to try to find out how to stop the weird screen flickering whenever the picture goes from one screen to another. When the screen is on one view, the picture is incredible but as soon as it leaves that picture and goes to the next, there is a short flicker thing that happens, then it comes in clear again. I thought maybe someone on here would give me some ideas? Thanks
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    When I watch a bball game on my oled tv on my iptv system, the game isn't is clear and steady as a commercial. I have my picture mode setting on my oled set to game. Is there anything else I can do to make the picture not so shaky?
  3. I have the new 65"LG oled smart tv and i am getting a picture on my oled when i am watching my iptv it's just not as clear as i get from netflix or hulu. I have my resolution on my set top box set to 4k for my iptv. My set top box is 4k. I have tried everything to get my picture on my iptv to look like Netflix and hulu but its not happening. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks