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  1. that maybe the solution. I still use my pi with openelec for all my 1080p library and ambilight processing. but thinking of adding an android 4k box
  2. I already tried and I can format in FAT32 but the gopro gives an unformatted error... PTP would be awesome and simple. just connect the gopro with usb cable. done. oh well...
  3. can't format the card in FAT32 cause that only works on 32GB or smaller cards. already considered getting a 32GB but recording in 2.7K60 or 4K30 takes a huge amount of space... If only PTP worked as it's supposed to work...
  4. since linux boxes and macos reads exFAT, are you sure that MS charges fees for it? LG uses PTP. But only sees the photos and not the movies. weird...
  5. I already tried a 16gb microSD from an older gopro in FAT32 and works. Two things still troubles me. Since webos is linux based, why shouldn't support exFAT since is getting a common format for also very common large memory cards. the second is since GoPro connects via PTP exactly to prevent file systems compatibility problems, why can't webos read both photos and movies? PTP is everyday used on smartphones and other devices. GoPro on PTP connection works fine on computers to download photos AND movies. I don't get it why webos only sees the photos...
  6. Hi, Just got an LG 55UJ630V and I'm quite pleased. but yesterday tried connecting my gopro directly with usb cable and the tv only sees photos and not movies. The GoPro records .MP4 h264 clips so the format is not a problem. If I copy the .mp4 files to a pen drive the tv sees them ok. Getting the GoPro microSD on a card reader does not work cause the GoPro formats 64GB cards in exFat format. I know that the gopro usb connection is not usb mass storage device but PTP. but it should work anyway... Any tips?