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    DisneyPlus contacted me through Twitter and stated it will launch on LG WebOS software versions 3+ everywhere 11/12.
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    Today I updated my c8 firmware to 05.10.35 Now arabic subtitle splits letter by letter CodePage is Arabic Before update everything was OK
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    I have the same problem, hope they roll out an update that fixes it
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    More good news today...yipeee!! https://whatsondisneyplus.com/disney-coming-to-amazon-samsung-lg-tv-devices-at-launch/
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    Hi George, Thanks for highlighting, i have written to SONY as well for same. Hope they take this seriously and action. i would urge others too to drop them a mail regarding this request Dear sony Team, This is a request to develop an application for LG Webos Smart TV. Many users who have subscribed for sony liv would be benefitted with this and you should also be in forefront with other smart TV app providers like Hotstar and Zee5. Please do think of building one and i am sure you will increase you subscription base with this. Regards Ankit Sent from my iPhone
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    Could you plz send an email to support? I sent an email but the answer I received was almost irrelevant. Maybe I try again. Plz you do as well.
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    I use Emby server. It is free and works a treat!
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