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    Release History on model 42 LB 730 V [04.45.25] from 05.2015 1. Apply HEVC at UK, Czech, Spain, Poland 2. Apply HbbTV default On at Estonia 3. Apply setting UA field in Browser by SDP Server 4. Apply code page auto detect on UTF8/UTF16 at Subtitle 5. Delete upcoming contents at Today 6. Timezone in Russia 7. Fix Satellite searching issue in Spain [05.00.15] from 10.2015 1. After Value Pack SU, Problem is fixed. Problem: Simplink On, connect set-top > Out Of Memory PopUp > Reboot TV This [05.00.40] from 12.2015 1. High frequency noise problem improve in EC93 OLED model. [05.00.55] from 12.2015 1. Improve the OLED compensation error [05.00.60] 1. Apply the DTV 7/8Mhz frequency [05.05.01] from 05.2016 1. Improve video stop issue in Live Contents of Premium Online.(Italy) 2. Improve the MHP’s no working with HbbTV & MHP stream. 3. Improve the Tricolor satellite channel missing issue. (Russia) 4. Improve the Digiturk (Turksat) fast scan’s no working.(Turkey) 5. Improve the Filbox fast scan’s no working. (Turkey) 6. Improve the Canal Digital EPG’s no working. [05.05.20] from 10.2016 1. Change the OTAU SO satellite (Intelsat904 to Kazsat3) - Kazakhstan 2. Apply the DVB-T2 system - Czech [05.05.35] from 10.2016 1. Disable the skype due to spec out. 2. Improve the Tricolor satellite channel crash - Russia [05.05.55] from 04.2018 1. Minor Bug Fix Here is the link from LG Romania usb update: http://gscs-b2c.lge.com/downloadFile?fileId=M36LIcfJd3YUOCr6z7SOQg I noticed a 16 MB difference between NSU and USB version, I have both.
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