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    Please add the HBO Go, and Now apps.
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    Please give us the option to remove Live TV from the Launcher and Home Menu, "Today" from the Home menu, and to auto-launch the last running app (like if you were watching Hulu when you turned off the TV. I don't have cable and all of these features are just a nuisance to me. Turning on my tv with the "No signal" or "Scrambled" message because I don't have any live channels is also annoying and looks very unpolished for a $5k TV... Thanks!
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    It would be amazing to be able to use the Philips HUE and synchronize the lights with the video and audio of the LG TV. Thanks
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    Hello Everyone, I have 2014 LG 47LB750T tv and I am happy with the TVs performance. It has just updated to newer 05.05.25 firmware. New apps are getting added in the store. I have been following HotStar app in my phone from quite a long time. It has a very good list of shows and movies list. I was wondering if we can have HotStar app for our WebOS tv as well. Recently DittoTV app has too been added which is a boon for those who have frequent DTH cable connection problem. It directly streams live over the Internet and package is very economical. If LG Developers can also introduce HotStar app for our LG TV it will be a big boost to the platform as it is very popular in India. They also have their own Original series just like Netflix which are also very good. So requesting devs to kindly introduce HotStar app for our WebOS TVs. Thank You. Link to the HotStar website: http://www.hotstar.com/
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    Hi, LG content store administrators! When will you give us Jio TV on WebOS. You have been left back by almost 2 years by other TV OS. At least compete with others in the present market. In the name of WebOS you are charging your customers heavily but you are not giving them even the minimum. Other TV manufactures e.g. MI, VU, Samsung, etc, are giving the world to their customers for a price as low as 60% of what you are charging. Still you have useless apps in your store which have no meaning at all for a TV and have left the stuffs that are inevitable in market. P K Prabhakar [email protected]
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    Please add KODI media center to LG WebOS. The media player app included in webOS is very laim. Very week. I would like to have KODI wich is one of the best apps for playing media. It allows librarys, movie infos, etc. It would be great to have KODI included in webOS. I don't think it would very hard since KODI is already available for Linux and Android. So...
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    Would love to see an app or webOS update that has a chromecast built in - so we can chromecast to the TV without requiring the google cast hdmi dongle. would be especially useful since there aren't too many featured apps (hbo go, etc) and these apps support google cast. Any plans to do this?
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    I would like to be able to access my network drives without using DLNA. It should look just like a USB drive.
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    YES. PLEASE ADD THIS! I can currently do "free" or non-DRM content using Hue Sync from a PC but it would be a HUGE feature to add this natively to WebOS. Application needs to send information about the displayed colors on a given area of the screen to the Hue Bridge over WiFi link. Hue Bridge would then tell the Hue Lights how and when to change color values. As there is no way to output video from the TV, the content providers should not have any DRM concerns. This would be the absolute cleanest solution and at least in the US market and would funnel so many buyers towards LG units. Summary of wish: Feature to be added to the "all settings" menu somewhere under display Selection enables the TV to run Hue Sync software TV then connects to the Hue Bridge on customer premises Whatever content is displayed on the TV screen from whatever source (streaming, cable box, etc.) is analyzed by Hue Sync software for color/placement information TV sends color and screen area information in real time to Hue Bridge Hue Bridge tells Hue Lights the appropriate color adjustments to make Check it out in action:
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    AIRTEL TV is available on mobile; however TV is not smart enough if this APP is not available. please ADD this APP.
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    Hi Mr. Hofmeister, If you are from LG, I can bet to say nobody in this world would be so rude to their customers as you are. And if you are just a customer like me then I must say you do not have authority to reply by entering into someone else's shoes. I hope rest you can understand better and even more than what I have written. Thanks.
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    Hi, HotStar is very popular application in india which allows you to watch tv shows/movies and lot more. I don't see its app available on LG Store. Any plan to launch Hotstar app for WebOS Store?? Thanks, Bhavesh
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    When will the 4.0 update be available for my 2016-17 LG Smart TV? I just got Alexa and can't use it for the TV unless it has the 4.0 version. Model #70UH6350-UB.
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    We need DS Video app for Sinology NAS. samsung already has it.
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    I'd like a fast accessible shortcut to turn off the screen, eg. when pressing settings, a button on the screen. Or even better, the possibility to configure the speaker off button on the remote to turn off the screen instead. It should work independently of the energy saving feature, so that energy saving is not set to off when the screen is turned on again. The existing procedure to turn off screen is to complex press settings, press all settings, press energy saving, press off..... and when the screen is turned on again, the energy saving is set to off, and not to the previous value (eg. auto). OLED65C7V-Z
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    Hi everyone, I wish LG would consider updating their Codecs list or at least give us a way of installing this codecs in our TV manually. i know my TV is capable of playing a lot of stuff but i'm always stuck with "not supported" for most of the media i have. One of the most wished stuff i'd love to see is Added support for H.264 10bit (still very popular and used a lot) as well as Opus codecs (its a Free codec and its getting a lot use recently especially with H.265 MKV videos) Like i said, please add this codecs and more or at least give us a way of doing it ourselves. i know there might be legal issues and some codecs are payed, so just let us install it ourselves instead. Thanks.
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    Indeed, it looks like you can only record signals which uses the antenna input (analog, DVB-T or DVB-C)
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    We had the same issue. Unplug your tv and press the on/off button on the tv, hold it in for 10 seconds while the tv is unplugged. Then wait 20 seconds more and plug the tv back in and turn it back on. This solved the problem for us.
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    When will LG add Google home compatibility? Ifttt would also be beneficial.
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    Is HBO GO available on my new LG TV as an app?
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    (*I'm a woman!) But no problem~ not sure why people can't just say "seems like I can't help you" & move on. Here's hoping LG & HBO get their shit together and get us an actual app!
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    You mentioned you have hulu? You should be able to subscribe to HBO through Hulu and then access the shows through the LG hulu app. I currently have a PS4 that has HBO otherwise I'd probably subscribe through hulu or amazon instead
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    Hi Team, We dont have Airtel Tv and Hot star app available on lg web os. Availability of these app will make our tv actual smart. Thanks.
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    For all those who bemoan the lack of support from LG when things do not work as expected the following article makes interesting reading: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/01/smart-tvs-are-dumb/581059/ Personally I have worked in the tech world long enough to already have realised all the points made by the author and have adjusted my expectations accordingly (not just with my LG Smart TV but many other products).
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    We need steam link app. We could use hardware steam link, but now, when it is discontinued by Valve, this app could be the way. Please respond, thanks!
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    Are we ever going to get Eurosport Player on lg smart TV ???
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    The very first time you bookmark a webpage in the browser the tv asks if you want to also add your favourite bookmarks to your tv home screen. It states that a maximum of 5 bookmarks can be added to your homescreen. I clicked "no" so havent used the funcionality myself but one would assume that if you click "yes" when first prompted, then each bookmark you save in the browser will be added to your home screen automatically until you have reached the maximum of 5. A quick look through both the browser and tv settings suggests there is no way to manually enable/disable this option after the initial prompt other tha n resetting the tv to initial settings. There doesnt seem to be any options when selecting a bookmark either so i would assume the homescreen only displays the first 5 bookmarks in your browser list. Can you rearrange your bookmarks within the broswer? That should change the 5 listed in your homescreen. Other than that you may have to delete bookmarks in order to rearrange your list.
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    yeah it sucks and my tv released on november 2nd 2017 ... and they rereleased the same model one month later in the 2018 series with bluetooth magic remote smart thinq and google assistant build in the exact same model one month apart i got so pissed and basicaly i had bought an android tv by sony but best buy coudnt find it to deliver so they sent me a lg instead .... and i didn y had a choice as it was holiday time and didnt want to spend another month witjout tv but that said it is so stupid that tv has miracast which i can cast from youtube on my phone but i cannot cast my screen as we need to use lg stupid app that only let you cast songs photos and videos not your screen .... and even i can cast to youtube i cannot do it trought the assistant that aint supported .... wrost than that the tv has the smartthinq app installed to control any smartthinq devices but we cannot control the tv with smartthinq on other devices and seriously .... i dont care not having the assistant built in since i already have alexa and google homes in every rooms so it woudnt be hard to add google home.and alexa smart speakers to control the tv .... it is supposed to be smart after all and has miracast, wifi , dlna and can connect to any network attached storage wirelessly so technically i would be able to use a google home on it i can even control a old roku 1 with the google home for god sake and i was able to turn on my old 2012 sony which was kinda the first smart tvs having a web browser netflix youtube and maybe 5 other useless apps but no appstore but stil i could power on with google assistant or alexa i dont remember which the as the tv died last fall so in my opiniom they just dont care to support anything not from this year which is bad business and when they announced webos 4 they said their current tvs with web3.5 and up would get webos 4 but that was not the case at the end and aside from spotify , newsy, youtube prime and netflix the apps are useless in america they cannot even put apps for stuff we have here and i ll never buy again and my tv was praised by gamers so they probably been asked many times and thry say they release updates and features going on what people ask ... that tv got one systeme update in 1 year and it was this fall supposed to correct internet that keep disconnecting or not beinf able connenct to servers to accept being bombarded with target ads ... ... and seriously theit update made the tv way slower and the internet keep disconnecting non stop by ethernet as welll as wifi they said i needed a 15 megabit connection to stream .... and i have a 200 megabit.connection here ... if only we could hack em and install custom. firmwares but nop we cant
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    those are probably thumbnails file metadata created by MacOSX, those are not visible in your computer because files with names beginning with a dot are considered "hidden" in all Unix-derived systems (Linux, MacOSX), due to FAT32 constraints it can't store thumbnails as resource forks (the MacOSX way), so it creates ._ files
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    are there any updates on "steam link app" ? valve announced the end of hardware steam link production. so it becomes software only thing today. I have hardware one, and it is awesome on 49" LG screen. can't understand why they killed it. while googling these news I found that Samsung TVs already have this app. LG should not be behind Samsung !!!
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    If you want to downgrade your firmware, there are topics on this forum with the instructions. However, you cannot install different generation of WebOS. For example, if you have version 2.0, you cannot install neither 1.0 nor 3.0.
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    @George Hofmeister : I agree, however that is why I stated have it be an app, that way they can pass that expense back to the individual, you want chromacast, ok, that will be $4.99, thank you come again!
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    Hi, WebOS TV manufacturers! I have spent Rs. 65000 (About $1000) on my LG WebOS Smart TV. Still I have got only 512mb internal memory. Now my TV has started showing me low memory errors every now and then. It means my TV is no more a smart TV now. It can not play movie on browser for more than half an hour when some other app is open. Immediately it flashes error "running on low memory". What a rubbish thing you have manufactured. Where other TV manufactures e.g. MI, VU, Samsung, etc, are providing more than 2 GB memory in their smart TVs for a price as low as 60% of what you are charging, you are providing a useless memory of 512 mb. What a shit!! Now please tell me the solution to increase my internal memory or else I am going to share my experience on every social media and online market forums. P K Prabhakar [email protected]
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    First of all let me clatify WebOs is not an open source Operating System or something popular like Linux, Android or Windows, Mac etc. where developers will come and design an application and get rewards in lieu of installation or advertisements. WebOS is a patronised and fully owned by LG. Even developers like you and me don't know what will they get if they design an application for the same. So, its so easy to understand and is a general principle that nobody will do anything for charity unless there is an underlying benefit. So if LG doesn't approach Jio for development of an application for its OS and reaches to an agreement for a mutual benefit with Jio, Jio will have no point in showing interest for the same because. It's not a smaller brandname than that of LG. Simultaneously if LG designs an application for Jio TV and Jio doesn't share an interface for the same it will be of no use. Its not something like I will ask Jio why they have not designed application for WebOS. They will ask me the same what I asked you "What is your authority to ask us such questions?" So, you have to understand that it's only Jio and LG who are to decide when and how they have to launch such application. My question was for the same.
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    You can link your ultraviolet account to Vudu and view there.
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    The reason that content providers are ultimately responsible for an app being produce is that they have access to the inner workings of their systems. LG cannot magically produce an app if it relies on accessing someone else servers, APIs, CGIs etc. As for not being able to display Hotstar's desktop version (I am assuming you are talking about their website) then I am guessing it has some reliance on Adobe Flash on which much has been written on this and many other forums. Flash is outdated technology, it is dying and will be put out of its misery in 2020. No major TV manufacturer to my knowledge supports Flash in their browsers do to the complexity of programming for it and its many security issues. Content providers that still rely on Flash are sadly not moving with the times, even Amazon whom it could be considered forward thinking still have a certain level of integration with it. If you want an app from a content provider or you want to be able to view their website in the webOS browser then the only people you should be complaining to are the content providers themselves. That said it would be nice if LG acknowledged that there is a call for specific apps and let the users know that they at the least had reached out to content providers to offer help in developing for the platform.
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    Short answer: Something on my network is causing the crashes. I had an extra router, so I put it between my network and the TV. Netflix no longer crashes, and other apps no longer give me the dreaded, "This app will now restart to free up more memory" error. Longer answer: Netflix would regularly crash out to Live TV after 20-40 minutes of play. I've been on LG support with this for months. They've replaced the main board twice, and took it off-site where the problem could not be replicated. I reset the TV and connected it to my smart phone data plan (luckily just upgraded to 10 GB). No crashes. Put the TV back on my network, crashed after half an hour. I took the network cable out of the TV and plugged it into a spare WiFi router. This creates a small network of only one device (the TV). I no longer get crashes. Unfortunately, this kills local network features like DLNA/Plex streaming and wireless display mirroring, but all Internet apps like Netflix and YouTube work flawlessly. I plan to narrow down which device(s) on my network is the cause of the crashes, but after 10 months of fighting this I'm just going to enjoy some 4K streaming for a while. If I learn anything new, I'll post it here.
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    That's because I am unaware of which countries it is available in, the likelihood is that if you do not see it in your content store it is not available to you.
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    Please see the many, many, many other posts on this issue. Flash is never going to happen on webOS (or Samsung Tizen), Flash is as another poster put it 'already in its coffin'. Adobe has officially said it is killing Flash in 2020, no one in their right mind at LG is going to waste time and money supporting a hideously out-dated piece of buggy bloaty security nightmare piece of software that has been superseded by other better, slimmer, securer software. If the site you want to watch uses Flash contact the web-master and invite them in to the 21st century... Hell they could even use Adobe Muse to create the site. Oh hold on Adobe has just killed that off as well. Do you see the theme on Adobe web products going on here?
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    With the release of webOS OSE, I'm wondering if it's able to run on the HP Touchpad. I wonder if someone will attempt to port it over. Might give me a reason to pull out the old Touchpad, currently have an older Android system on it and haven't messed with it in over a year.
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    @Chaoskcw - thank you so much for your "helpful" reply. The original post does not say whether he is watching live TV, streaming, or what. If you pause the screen, the screen saver is designed to come on. If it's coming on during a show that hasn't been paused, it's a problem with the TV and he needs to call LG for help. People do much more with their Smart TVs than just "watch TV". If you think my post was "of no use and very naive", all your post was designed to do was give me a hard time. Mine was to try to help the person with the problem, even if it didn't turn out to be the correct solution. So you tell me, which post was of more value on this forum? If you want to troll people on-line and make yourself feel better, you should try another forum.
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    Spent another 45 minutes on with Lg rep. Finally reset. Steps are: 1) Power off TV. 2) Unplug the TV. 3)Hold the power button for 10’seconds. 4)Plug in the Tv. 5) Power on the Tv. 6) Access the Safety option via the cog (Cog-(or home button)-Advanced options-Safety 7) Select the Reset PIN Code option. 8)Enter Pin Code. Any numbers will work. 9) After the Pin Mismatch error message, press the Channel Up, Channel Up, Channel Down, Channel Up. 10) The Master Pin Code box should appear. Enter your master code ( It may be 0313, 0325, 0323, 0000, 1234,7777 depending on your Tv model. It is best to call LG to determine the correct code) 11) Change your PIN code.( Preferably to 0000 because who wants to go thru this ever again???!!!???) Hope this helps.
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    How do you measure the speed of different TV platforms? LG is fast enough. I have no complaints.
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    When you setup your tv don't say you have live channels. If you don't do this, it will not display the live tv any more. You have to choose settopbox and then select the sky box.
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    If you could create an application to access the google drive, it would be great. To allow show photos, videos, mp3 ... It is possible via web browser, but it is terribly slow!
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    I was aware of the information you provided. I am no longer a DirecTV subscriber. I cancelled my service mainly due to this issue, but the monthly savings was a big factor as well. Since the bulk of the programming we watch are from the major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX),I invested in a couple of HD HomeRun Connect Quad tuners and a lifetime Plex Pass and 2 nVidia Shield TV boxes. We also have a Netflix subscription, and frankly, there is so much content, on demand, recorded on Plex DVR and Plex Live that we really don't miss DirecTV at all.
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    Yes. I hate getting the static screen with the static sound every time I turn on the TV!
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    How to delete account
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    See here : https://hdsatelit.blogspot.ro/2014/03/aplicatia-simple-smart-iptv-ss-iptv.html 1.Download SS IPTV from link (from original post) 2.Extract (using RAR).Result folder named "lgapps" 3.Insert USB in you computer and format FAT 32. 4.Copy "lgapps" in "root" of USB. 5.Insert USB in you LG TV. Power on TV,go to USB and run (click OK on icon-single icon appear )
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