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    Some SAMSUNG TV's have Flash but when you go to a website, it says you need to upgrade Flash and as the TVs run 32-bit unix, there is no later version and so the short answer is 'no' TV's support Flash, no mobile devices, no TV streaming boxes. Why on earth would anyone want Flash support? Flash is dead. I know some sites still use it but you know if you tell the site you are using an iPad Safari browser they pretty much all serve an HTML5 alternative. It is a shame that the User Agent that the LG TV browser gives to the web server makes the web server think it is Flash capable platform. If there are any LG developers on here, would you be able to raise the possibility of 'spoofing' the User Agent with LG? You can find your User Agent by pointing the TV's browser to whatsmyua.com Now that google Chrome and Apple Safari have announced they will no longer support Flash by the end of 2016, I think a lot more sites will do away with reliance on it.
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