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  2. Recently I read that the HBO GO App is available in Latinoamérica, ¿Is really available specially in Costa Rica? I was searching for it in the LG Store but nothing. TIA for any help.
  3. Only had this TV for a few months and it wont connect to the internet, it just says error 106 any 1 got a fix for this problem please?
  4. Make sure that no one has connected a phone or such like via Bluetooth.....
  5. The two methods I know of are to cast it from a mobile device with Chromecast, and subscribe to it through Amazon Prime Video, which has an app on the TV. I don't know if Roku or Fire Stick has the app.
  6. Sony and some other manufacturers also have the app on some of their models. It definitely is not a Samsung exclusive.
  7. That is a question you would have to ask Hotstar directly.
  8. Why is hotstar not available in lg webos usa? Any plans to launch soon before the world cup?
  9. Last week
  10. As I see this is an active topic, I'm going to ask here. Does anyone know if LG is going to solve the problem with video playback and subtitles? The problem of not being able to play any subtitle other than srt that must be placed next to the video file with the same name. I have read several issues about it and they are old, so I am surprised that LG has not resolved this so far, I recently bought one. Is there any workaround to fix this?
  11. Hello! I have found the simplest solution from another forum, and worked perfectly for me: Best Answer
  12. Hi Rob, Its been a couple of years since you asked this question. Did you ever resolve it? I'm asking because I'm facing the same problem. Jeremy
  13. I think there are new options in version 3.60.02. On the “Home Dashboard” screen there’s an edit button in the top right corner. Selecting that lets you edit input labels.
  14. Its a shame WebOS doesn't support steam link still. I don't think I can wait any more longer for LG to add it to the store. I've decided to sell my LG TV and get an andriod TV just so i can use the steam link app.
  15. Hi Hariharaprasad, Sorry but you are stuck with webOS.
  16. Hi there, I have successfully created content and a playlist using SuperSign Editor. Now I would like to deploy this content to my LG Digital Sign 86UH5E, which has a built-in media player. The sign is connected to my network via ethernet cable, and I can access it over the network. I see options for "Content Manager", "Group Manager", and "Control Manager" (see screenshot)....however, there does not seem to be a way for me to upload content/playlists created in SuperSign editor. There is an import function under "Content Manager", but this only allows for importing photos/videos. The content exported from SuperSign editor is .pcts file type, and the playlist is .cpls file type. Has anyone had any luck deploying SuperSign content to their LG Digital Signage over the network? I have heard that SuperSign Server is an option, but shouldn't we be able to deploy direct to the digital sign? Thank you for your time!
  17. Any way to switch to android operating system? without seeing the os, I have purchased this tv. They are smart. The TV or the consumer is not.
  18. Please add the ability to have eye comfort mode turn off / on at set times. (Similar to night shift on iPhone) Or at least move the setting to an easier location to avoid digging through settings menus. I turn it on every evening to stop the light effecting my circadian rhythm, then off when watching TV during the day and this would be very convenient.
  19. I have my LG TV UH7700 for more than 2 years now and the Magic Remote worked fine until 3 days ago, I remember the was a recent firmware update. Now I have the same problem you posted, I registered and de-registered it multiple times and it works at some point but then doesn’t do more than turn the tv on and off. Sometimes it starts to work, but then stops again. At certain times it fails to register, but then, it is when it works and do more functions for a while, until it registers again and stops working. Have changed batteries, and done everything recommended, but still fails. I guess it is a firmware/software problem.
  20. Does anyone have any updates on this. I just bought brand new 49UK7550 and have the same problem. I have contacted customer support twice now but so far they just quote the manual and have nothing useful to say. I am on 04.10.45. What I found is when the TV is on say an HDMI input it works fine. Only when on live tv (freeview in the UK) does it give 6022 errors. What I found interesting is if I set the voice language to French, then it works but any English versions, gives error 6022. Another problem I have is setting a USB recording from freeview guide often says "failed.... try again" with most programs. Some programs work, some don't. I have ruled out a problem with my usb drive, because setting a reminder also fails for the same programs. Any ideas? Really annoying that LG don't seem on top of technical issues, like these and are fobbing people off saying the remote might be faulty. Clearly they are firmware bugs and/or configuration issues on their servers.
  21. Actually just fixed it now its working. All I had to do was disconnect my laptop from any wifi network and then go and connect to the TV and it worked. Then i joined wifi once connected.
  22. Thanks for the advise but after following what you suggested, it still does not work. No changes either , everything is the same as my post above. Any other ideas?
  23. Remote is not working properly i Tried Many times New registration by with tv but it also not working ... I Cant Volume get up or down and cant go to the home it has bees strucked what Should i Do?
  24. Been waiting since Dec. 2017 for the HBO app. Gave up; I don't think they are going to bother. LG keeps saying its up to HBO, and HBO says its up to LG. I went and got a ChromeCast, has all the apps you'll need. I got the ChromeCast Ultra, which can be wired via CAT5 cable, so you don't tie up Wifi. Just plugged it into an empty USB port on the TV.
  25. @jcs @jcs I had an issue with this as well.Never had any issues connecting up until a while back where it just wouldn't connect anymore.Not sure what set up you have but click notifications icon at bottom right of PC screen, click connect then click projecting to this PC.Where it says some Windows & Android devices can project to this PC when you allow them to, click on the box below & make sure it's set to Available everywhere.Below that, it says Ask to project to this PC, click on box below & set to First time only.This worked for me, hope this helps.
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